Singer Songwriter John Mayer

Has anyone heard John Mayer's album "Room for Squares"? Any thoughts? Personally I think that this is one of the best (recently) singer/songwriters to come along in quite some time....worth checking out and sounds great (very good mix).
Pop Rock / Alternative. Has been compared to David Gray, Dave Matthews and Sting. Elton John has claimed John Mayer to be his favorite new up and coming artist. He is only 24.
HUMMM Sounds good, I'll check it out. Thank's JLA I'll let you know what I think in the near future. By the way I picked up the new Sheryl Crow. It's pretty good for POP
Keep me posted Glen....and I agree for pop the new Sheryl Crow is pretty good.
This Cd is good, it runs a close second to David Gray's White ladder. Thanks for the recommendation
A recent Ex turned me onto this a few months back, a very good newer artist.
Any fans out there should check out what I feel to be a very enjoyable new/rerelease from Mr. Mayer. It is "Insider wants out" and it is a few of his songs from his first CD plus a few new cuts though it is more acoustic and I feel a little 'snappier' and has outstanding PRaT on my system. Found it for $6.99 so its worth the purchase if you see it. Would be interested in hearing what others fealt between the two releases as well. ~Tim
"Insider Wants Out" is John Mayer's first 1999 independent release and as Tim explained is the more acoustic side of John. The album has been avaliable on his web site and is now in the stores (bought it at Tower for $8.99) Several songs are on his current release "Room for Squares"along with a few that didn't make the album. I saw John at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles last month and he was phenominal....a real talent and an exceptional guitar player. Buy both CD's you won't be disapointed.
that's right Glen your feeling the peer presure and what's expected of you ;) heh heh heh
I have room 4 squares. A great record. A must buy if you like pop/rock. Solid throughout.
Heard him on late nigth talk show (Letterman or Leno) earlier this week. Liked what I heard.