Single Driver Horn vs Multi driver efficient spker

I have delved into SET and have gone for multi driver speakers to single driver full range. They are OK, but lacking dynamics and punch. I have been told that GOOD(expensive) horns would do the trick, but I wonder if I should go back to an efficient Multi driver speaker, i.e. Coincident Total Victory. I know that SET and lots of drivers and crossovers are not the best, but I not over whelmed with the Single driver thing. I would appreciate your thoughts.
If it's not working for you Mike.Going back to a high efficient multi driver speaker may be best. You will most likely need to move up from the SET. To get dynamics and punch from multi way bass reflex need power. Not a tremendous amount but more than 5 wpc for most.

I use single drivers... mine aren't super efficient and can't be run with a SET. So I need atleast 30 wpc of good power to wake them up. There's plenty of multi driver speakers that couldn't begin to touch the dynamics and clean bass they belt out. I had to give up high efficiency to get it though.

The Back Loaded Horns I've heard aren't bass monsters.Not in a sense of air hitting you in the face..if you know what I mean. It would take a HUGE horn speaker to give you what you want.And it still wouldn't be as dynamic as a multi way speaker.
The BLHs have a different kind of bass ..very fast and controled.Upright bass and cellos are easy to follow without the drawn out bloat some direct radiating speakers produce.

It all boils down to your musical taste and what you want out of a speaker. None are perfect so you must find what fits you best. That's just the nature of the hobby. It can be fun and frustrating all at the same time.:-)

Good luck
I found the matching the compesssion driver to the low end is the weak link, can sound like 2 diffrent systems going at once. Also the low end might be handeling too much mid frequencys. Ive used MANY compression driver systems the link is my system now.
I assume you mean lack of punch and dynamics in the bass. You are correct that you will never get that from a single driver. You don't list your driver but Lowthers and the like are very dynamic once you get above 60 Hz or so. If you are otherwise pleased with the performance then a high quality sub or pair subs might do it for you.

The other route is as you mentioned, Avantgardes or something similar. I went from Lammhorns with Lowthers and an MBL sub to Avantgarde Duos and have never looked back.
I have owned Total Victory's (twice for the original vsn, and about to own the newer II vsn). They can be run on 4 watts believe it or not, IF the amp is up to the task. Israel at Coincident has finally found an amp that can do it- I have heard them at his place- uses the type 50 tube- harmonically complete and natural sounding, with great detail that is NOT in your face- bass was also surprisingly good- very punchy. I won't reveal the amps on this thread, as it may not be my place to do so, however, the amps are heavily modded, which probably adds to their effectiveness driving a multi-driver speaker system like the TV's. I also own the smaller Victory model for the 'B' system in a smaller room. Moral of the story is that SET's will work on the big coincidents, but you have to search to find one up to the task. I have used various push-pull tube amps with the TV's- i.e. Altec 1570B's; ASL 1009 845 monos; and most recently an Audio Research VT-100 MKIII, and they will also do a super job- good luck in your choice.