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Linn LP12......That good??
Check out for his opinion on linn :) 
Biamp Low frequecy amp recommend
Thanks for the replies. Ive Biamped several times before.When I was running my 801#3 with a krell ksa250, i went to the local shop and for fun I brought home a pair of 565 adcom mono blocks to compare to the 250, The 565 matched the krell stride f... 
trying to decide between Cary 303/300 and BAT CD
I found that a nice solid state preamp did wonders. Try to borrow something 
Single Driver Horn vs Multi driver efficient spker
I found the matching the compesssion driver to the low end is the weak link, can sound like 2 diffrent systems going at once. Also the low end might be handeling too much mid frequencys. Ive used MANY compression driver systems the link is my syst... 
signs your pramp and power tubes need replacement
Thats not worn out tubes. Noise and high frequency roll off are the first signs of tube replacement. Swap in a mullard someware that will tame things down 
favorite pass amp?
X 350 will drive them just fine has 0 feedback the 250 still uses feedback 
Von Schweikert VR-8
vr-8's are very lowend tuneable. Work very well in my 16X26 ft room with 60 watts triode. 
Von Schweikert VR4JR and SET Amp
Not enough power for loud listening, go with db99. 
Audible Illusions Modulus 3A an upgrade?
Ive owned serveral Audible illusions preamps all the way to the latest m3a. I was a jbl nut also. Spend your money else ware. The stepped attens on those are a joke, the sound is great, You know a great speaker is the L150 my son. That will be a b... 
Von Schweikert VR4JR & Tube Amp???
If the 4's are booming this is addressed in the manual isnt it? Stuff the ports with dacron a bit at a time this will help at the speakers end Thick carpet on the floor maybe some carpet on the walls throw rugs. If done properly those walls are mo... 
time for amp upgrade
Mccormack DNA 500 
Counterpoint SA-20 MOSFETS has replacements your tech can put in (used pulled from upgraded units) that your tech can put in or send the unit ib to be fixed or upgrades there are substitutions for you fried parts. 
Looking for a new speaker. Wilson Maxx II ??
Yes the vr-8 exists I have a pair here. Only 1000lbs a pair.. under archives on the site.I learned of the upgrade package directly from albert at the factory talk session. New Subwoof ... 
Looking for a new speaker. Wilson Maxx II ??
Tell you what, I have recently purchased a Pair of Vr-8's Directly from the factory. I had a cool time meeting the group there.Instead of getting the money and dropping them in the van they hooked them up measured, played, Tweeked,, Xovers measure... 
How do you bi-amp with tubes and solid state
There will a certin loss of quality when intoducing the electronic crossover, does your speakers have seprate crossover boards? That would be best. Ive owned the ksa300s and can tell you for biamping lows you can spend less and have just as good l...