Singxer SU-6

I just received a Singxer SU-6 last week and incorporated it into my system so this might be considered a mini-review. My understanding is that this is basically a DDC that serves as an input/output converter from USB to other connector configurations, as well as a reclocker that is said to lower jitter.

It apparently offers:

  • built-in CPLD pre-shaping technology, FPGA-based source synchronization technology re-shaping the isolated I2S signal, thus eliminating the additive jitter caused by the isolation chip.
  • FPGA algorithm, built-in FIFO buffers the data and then outputs, SPDIF output is re-encoded by FPGA, so that the coaxial output can support PCM 384K and DSD DOP128 at the highest
  • CRYSTEK’s CCHD-957 high-performance femtosecond crystal oscillator, with the self-developed constant temperature system and ultra-low noise super capacitor power supply system to further improve the short-stability performance of the clock
  • Original single clock system, all circuits of the whole machine adopt synchronous clock design, in which USB clock is synthesized by PLL derived from femtosecond clock.

I am running fiber from my server room into a Sonore Signature Rendu SE optical (SRSEo) as my Roon endpoint, and then the USB output from the SRSEo into the Singxer SU-6. Since I am currently using/comparing two different DACs, I am currently using multiple outputs from the SU-6 including:

  • S/PDIF into my Mojo Audio Mystique EVO Pro DAC
  • AES/EBU also into the EVO Pro DAC
  • Optical into my SMc Audio DAC-2.

I could also run a second S/PDIF connector into the DAC-2 but would need a slightly longer cable. As a comparison, I still have my Metrum Ambre as a second endpoint on the network and am using the S/PDIF output from that into the DAC-2. It has been fun to hear the difference between using the S/PDIF output from the Ambre and using optical from the SU-6, which has had the benefit of passing through the SRSEo. The optical connection from the SU-6 to the DAC-2 sounds surprisingly good to me.

I really like having the output options and also the ability to try things that are not USB. Regarding the Singxer SU-6, it certainly does nothing to reduce SQ and I perceive a bit smoother sound with a touch better tone and body compared to S/PDIF, from either the Metrum Ambre or from the Sonore ultraDigital that I have here. Maybe I just like the sound of AES/EBU a little more. These are not night and day sonic improvements or differences and I would not bet that I could pick out the difference in a blind test, but it does sound nice.

The other thing that I like is that so far the SU-6 is not glitchy like some digital equipment I have had here, such as the Denafrips Hermes DDC, which for whatever reason did not get along well with my system.

I am currently powering the SU-6 from the stock 7.5V, 3A, SMPS run on a circuit separate from my other audio equipment. Singxer recommends using 7.5V-9V DC at a minimum of 2A (for fast charging of super capacitor), with 7.5V@ 3A being preferred. They say the PS doesn’t really matter as it is charging a supercapacitor that drives the unit but I feel better not having a SMPS in my system area. Therefore, I have a 9V, 5A LPS on its way from China that should be here in a week, which was the best I could do as I found it hard to find a 7.5V LPS that offered at least 3A. I could have done it with the variable output on one of my HD PLEX supplies but both are tied up on network stuff.

In summary, like many digital products, the Singxer SU-6 will not likely "transform" the sound of your system. However, as a good sounding digital bridge between USB and other outputs, with possibly some sonic improvement due to lower jitter and reclocking, and a non-glitchy operation, the Singxer SU-6 is doing very well here.


@mitch2 -Thanks for your review. I purchased one at the end of 2023 and use it with my Aurender N200 and ARC CD 6SE CD/DAC. Since the Aurender is  USB output, by using an AES/EBU between the SU-6 and my CD/DAC, I've been able to upsample the music coming from the Aurender. This and reduction in jitter has been terrific improvement.

I don't use an outboard PS and am using the SMPS provided. Since I leave the unit on, I don't notice performance issues WRT supercapacitor charging.


Thanks David for the info on the power supply.  I didn't go crazy but this one looked competent and is supposed to get here from China within a reasonable timeframe.  The ifi filtered smps/wall wart power supply at 9V and 2.5A is also supposed to be quiet and it would probably also work since their suggested minimum amperage is 2A.  This lower cost ifi smps provides 2A at 9V.  I am currently running the stock supply on a circuit other than the dedicated lines my audio gear is on, but the smps is near the other gear so my goal is to replace it with something quieter regardless of whether it improves the sound of the SU-6 or not.