Small bookshelfs that reach 42 hz

I just about worked out what speakers to buy for the living room when the wife changed her mind from floor standers to stand mount speakers. She saw a set of B&W 805's on their dedicated stands and that was it.

Not wanting to cave in for pure aesthetics, I need to know what else to consider for a small (16" or less tall) bookshelf speaker that will allow me to reach the bottom range of a bass guitar with solidity. Please no speakers that do 50 or 60 hz and then crap out; that won't fit the bill. Price is anything up to $3000 new with stands. Nice looking matching stands are a major plus as this is the living room.

Since I haven't bought the amp yet don't worry about synergy but if you have suitable integrated recommendations that won't be above $1500 or so used I'm all ears. Many thanks.
Dynaudio Contour S1.4 gets my vote. If it is just out of your budget, check out the Dynaudio Focus 140.
I agree with Aball. I wanted the Contour s1.4's, but they were beyond my budget. I bought the Focus 140's and the bass is what you are looking for. Make sure you have enough power to drive them. I started with a Musical Fidelity a3.2 integrated, which proved too weak to do the 140's justice. I upgraded to the a308 integrated and the bass is full.
Thanks for all of the replies. Based on this thread and some PM's I will be searching for the following: Dynaudio 140's, Revel M22's, Proac 1sc, B&W 805, Totem 1 Signature. Hopefully these can all be found in Chicago.
I agree with the assesment of the Revel M-22s. They have really good base performance in my setup. revel is also closing out the Maple finish, so if you like that color you can get them for a good price.
I re-read your message - one downside to the M-22s is that the stands are not that great. I would look for stands from another source if I went for the Revels.

As for an amp, I would go for something in the 100+ w/ch range at least. I'm using the new Onkyo A-9555 (85 w/ch) and really like it with the Revels in my 12x14 room, but with a larger room I might look for something with a bit more power.