Small monitors/bookshelves for classical music

I currently own KEF iQ5 floorstanding speakers and ROTEL RB980BX Power Amp. I listen to classical music(Bach, Mahler, Wagner, etc). Though KEF iQ5 lacks deep bass, I am completely fine with that when listening to classical music.

I am seeking to buy a pair of new/used monitors/bookshelf speakers. I want a truly "bookshelf" speaker which can be put on a desk or even a bookshelf. I will not put them on stands. Neither will I pair them with a subwoofer. But I will pair them with this ROTEL RB980BX. ROTEL RB980BX is very powerful, 120W/ch. I can spend below $600.

After doing multiple painful searches online and on this forum, I have several potential speakers/monitors in mind.
PSB Alpha B1
B&W 686 or 685
Paradigm Mini
Rgs92, thank you for your reply but Cremona Auditors are way out of my price range of $600.
The Von Scheikert VR1 is an obvious choice for a used speaker in your price range. And you have to be quick when they show up.
A better choice for a small speaker that can sit near a back wall is the Polk Audio LSi7. I have owned both, along with a few other nice small monitors, and the Polks are my favorite. They make music better than any under $500 speaker I have owned.
Look into ERA D4 or D5 speakers. I was amazed by the sound these speakers put out. I listened to classical music from the D5 and was very impressed.
The positioning of any speakers you get will hinder their full potential, so it's wise not to be spending a large sum of money for speakers for this use.

Your list so far seems well thought out and good value speakers.

Some other speaker suggestions are Usher S520's which are among the best speakers for their price that I've encountered, and will do classical well. Also, PSB Stratus Mini's are the best bang for the buck bookshelf speakers I've encountered yet. Some of the NHT offerings are solid, as well.

Good luck,

If you like the KEF "sound" (and it is a VERY good sound), you probably should consider a pair of KEF 103.2s. They will be used, but I've seen several pair here for right around $300/pr. I think these are some of the nicest bookshelf-type speakers I've heard...