Small Surrounds Suggestions/Opinions Needed

I'm currently looking to "downgrade" my surround speakers from Paradigm Studio 20 V.3 to something smaller that can be wall mounted. The reason why I'm downgrading is due to a compromise with my wife. I currently have a Anthem AVM 30 processor, a Rotel 1075 amp, an Oppo 970 and a Rega Apollo CD player. My other speakers are Paradigm Studio 60's V.3 as my fronts and a CC-470 center channel. I also have an SVS 25-31 PC+ subwoofer.

Recently I've decided to add/improve my 2-Channel sound and I've acquired a Cayin 100T tube amp. My plan is to use the Cayin to drive my fronts and the Rotel to drive the center and surrounds. Given that my room is 27x13 with a long wall set-up, the Studio 20's which are stand mounted are right up against the back wall and about 4 feet from either side of my sofa. I figure with smaller surrounds I can wall mount them even further away and as high as 6 feet up. Given that I don't listen to much multi-channel music, and that IMO the surrounds in movies aren't too important in light of my seating limitations, I can get away with smaller surrounds and make the room appear less crowded and make some points with my wife. I know some of you are cringing due to my even thinking about not having matched speakers but again, I'm more interested in quality 2-CH sound now.

That said, I'm not looking for something real cheap either. I guess a budget of around $400-800 should be able to let me acquire some decent satellites. At this point I'm considering the Mirage Omnisats V.2 or the NHT L5's. Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated. Sorry about the long post.
Would you be interested if I tell you how your current setup can outperform the Rega/Cayin setup for two channel music?

Rear speaker problem will be solved with zero wall mounting, and no future tube maintenance.

Did I mention its free? Well maybe some minutes on your cellphone tis all.