Smoother integrated for JMLabs Chorus 706?

I have JMLabs Chorus 706 (89db) speakers powered by an Arcam 65plus int. amp (40wpc). The sound is detailed, punchy and smooth up until the highest freqs. I dont know if its the arcam running out of power or its just the titanium tweeter rearing its head. Im thinking about switching amps to smoother amp like the Audio Analogue Puccini (40wpc) or switching to a SS amp and tube pre. Any suggestions? I really like the Chorus's detail and speed,and the way they handle drums, but that last bite sometimes detracts from the music. I listen to a lot of rock, electronica, R&B, and hip hop.
Try a Creek 5350SE. A buddy of mine has one with the Chorus; a great match IMO.
Try an audio refinement. Just recently I had a chance to pair one with a pair of JM Labs, and was surprised at how good that combo really is. If you can afford to spend more, try looking at some of the YBA integrateds.
The Puccini should be a very good match with your Chorus. I own another French speaker, Triangle Titus, which have the same characteristics with your 706 (detail and speed). The combo is awesome. They both balance out each other.