Snap, crackle and pop.

So I got a new amp and preamp and got it all wired and I'm ecstatic about the sound but I am getting some pretty good pops between tracks. I am using a BS Node 2i to a DAC, XLR from DAC to pre. Any ideas ?


Is it happening only when you are playing tracks with different sampling rates? Sometimes a DAC has a re-sampling function that makes it emit noise when doing so. Sometimes settings can be adjusted in the DAC to accommodate a delay in the adjustment to work around this.

One way to test and see if it is your DAC is to wire your Bluesound directly to your preamp. 

I'll give that a try and thanks but I never had this issue when the DAC was hooked to my previously used integrated.

My pleasure. Let me know if it’s something to do with that. It’s been a while since I’ve used BluOS but perhaps there’s something happening with the Bluesound / DAC pairing as well and perhaps BluOS has some sort of delay settings as well. 

What device are you using and are you using BluOs app?

If so, in the app go to Settings, Audio, at the bottom of the screen is Audio Clock Trim. Turn this either ON or OFF to help sync the Node to your DAC.

@lowrider57 I checked that and I think it may have been the problem. I haven't had a lot of listening time but so far so good. Thanks as well @blisshifi .