Snell Type Q or Thiel CS-1.5?

Which one would give a more dynamic and neutral balanced sound? I do not need super low bass, I know this is a limitation of both of them.

Will be paired with a Jolida 502a and at times a Luxman R-3045. Other components are:

Thorens TD-125MKll with Denon 103LC or Denon 110
Cambridge 160p
Sony PS1

Listen to british folk, all forms of rock, 70's jazz and electronic.

Any info will be much appreciated!!!
I have personally favored Thiel over Snell, particularly in the area of dynamics. They will probably sound a touch more 'exact' than the Snells...which may require system matching. Jolida and Luxman should do well, provided they've got enough current to run the Thiels and control them well. good luck and pls keep us posted.
I usually prefer Thiels, but I'm not sure those amps are up to really getting the Thiels to sing.
That's great info. It's a tough choice I got the the Snells for $140, which I think, for the sound, is a killer deal. I would have to sell the Snells in order to purchase the Thiels. There is a guy local to me that is selling CS1.5 in cherry for "$500 obo", but maybe I can get him to take $400. Does that sound like a reasonable deal? Would I hear an improvement over the Snells? I realize that sound is subjective.
Hi Enobenetto.

Money is a personal choice. $140 is a good deal. I think $400 for Thiels is an equally good deal...possibly better if quality of sound matters that much to you.

I think what you will find with the Thiels is a few things:

1. They will continue to improve as your electronics improve...beyond the Snells.

2. In particular, the linearity, extension, dynamic range, probably bass performance will all have very strong technical capbilities that should exceed the Snell. You should find that the quality, clarity, extension up and down the spectrum, soundstaging, and detailing are all superior. the speaker should also deliver significantly more punch when you drive real high current thru it...and Thiels can (and should ideally) get a high-current amp to run them. SS Class A amps (the old Forte 4 was a winner of a 50 watt/channel Class Amp!)...will do great here.

3. The key, with any speakers, but particularly in this ensuring you are showing them off to their potential.

If you are going to use very rudimentary electronics, you may yet find you prefer the Thiel...but if you use good quality electronics...i think you will find that Thiels capabilities continue to rise to the occasion comfortably beyond where the Snells start to lose ground.

good luck and hope that's somewhat helpful as one person's opinion.
For that money, you could also consider Thiel CS 2's. The 1.5's are bit more refined at the top end and come in a smaller box. The 2's go a bit lower in the bass, which makes them sound a little less tipped up. The 1.5's are 86 dB @ 2.8V-1m w/ a nominal 4 Ohm impedance and a minimum 3 Ohm impedance. The 2's are 87 dB @ 2.83V-1m w/ a nominal impedance of 6 Ohms and a minimum impedance of 5 Ohms. The 2's appear to be a better match for your amplification. Though the 2's are an older model, I've been told by the folks at Thiel, that they have been their most reliable model. In either case, you can count on Thiel's legendary customer service, if needed.
Thanks for all these responses. The Thiels sound really interesting. Listening to them personally will be a factor as well.

Now, I have an opportunity to test out Vandersteen 2C and the Thiel CS1.5.

I think these two are closer in price point and stature.

Is their any opinion in a comparison between the two?

I believe the Vandersteens are the original 2C.

Thanks again!!
Depends on what you want your overall system to work together. Vandersteens can require power, but generally sound good with lots of stuff...not quite as 'easy' as Sonus Faber...but generally will sound good with much equipment. Thiel being built around precision/detail may require some more care in system matching. Less forgiving i suppose may be a way to compare the Thiel to the Vandersteen.

Personally, i would normally have gone for Vandersteen...but over the last year or so, as my equipment has improved...i find myself looking for equipment upgrades where the new piece will be totally see-through/invisible/transparent to the existing signal i have managed to create through the rest of my system. (ie, a less forgiving, transparent, detailed component).

with your existing electronics, i think you will find good sound with both...but your tastes will vary. i think the key is whether either or both speakers will require more power. Luxman generally has good power reserves/high current. good luck.
This is a way late comment on this thread, but The type Q speakers are a strange bird... unlike almost any other model line from any of the Snell engineers... I've owned them twice. They are remarkable at imaging and sound stage but as monitors they totally lack the low end (75hz)... given that they were sold often with dedicated stands which gave them a sharp "snell" appearance but again makes them a strange experiment given that there was no dedicated sub to go with them... I've used them in a large room and the presentation was amazing (with a subwoofer), and they worked really well in small space without a subwoofer... a local store owner and long time snell dealer once told me he was totally baffled by them - considered them one of the best under the type A line and better than the B&W 805's at the time assuming bass limitations... but couldn't sell them. He demonstrated the two back to back (with a Leo Kottke CD) and I agreed, they were better to my ears. The best simple setup I had with these was with a Adcom 535II amp, Conrad Johnson PV4 preamp, Infinity Sub SW10, and a Systemdek II turntable with a blue point cartridge... someday I might try and recreate that system...