So I went to a grey screen for Projector....

I got a new Grey screen to replace my white one and while I cant mount it till tomorrow or so I hope to get some better contrast and black performance. I also went up 10in in size too, how many went from White to light grey (Matte white 1.1 gain) and liked what it changed? Thanks
Oh I know but I like this place better, figured it was worth a shot but thanks for the tip!
Hi, I am looking forward to hearing about your results. I've stuck with white so far (Studio tec 130 I think) from Stewart...Good luck!
Well I got it up and I like its results, there is more shadow detail and better pop in the color and a deeper sense of black level. There was no adverse affect on general picture and it looks to me like a worthwhile upgrade. This isnt a super premium screen or even Projector so there is likely better to be had for sure but so far I say jump into grey, matte white screens for sure!!!