So many YouTube clips to evaluate sound quality. Why???

There are several audio gear Youtubers chronically playing clips displaying speakers and amplifiers and even cables to have YouTube listeners evaluate sound quality.  And then they go to shows and display music clips from the very small Hotel rooms.  And yes I watch a few and some can be interesting. It's gotta be tough for these manufactures to go to these hotels all the time and deal with all the people. Basically, it's a mixture of all kinds of higher end components and somehow it's possible to appreciate what individual components sound like. $200,000 speakers surrounded by lots of other high-priced gear. How does one charge anything?

Are they trying to fool people with sound comparison music clips? What is the point and why are they wasting their time?  Maybe headphones might detect something.  I fail to appreciate why these individuals do this, and why do they dedicate so much time to this.  Are they being paid to promote speakers and amplifiers?  And then reading the comments where all these people seem to really believe they hear differences.

Time might be better spent explaining technical merits of the gear and opinions on how it sounds. And why their recommended gear is so expensive.  



@pabs85 , and since they don't, one still is faced with the same 'go/no go' choice(s)....

Case in point:  I've got a 'now ancient' YT post of a pair of an early DIY Walsh pair, with some comments on why they don't sound like they did/do here.

Mono Point/Shoot camera below fluorescent lamps in a commercial space, which was rather 'raw' at the time.

Did I expect kudos?  Not really, just wanted to document my 'sota' at the time.

Can I improve on that?  Sure....if I want to rent a pair of mikes' from Guitar Center, and go through the process of doing a 2 chan digital recording with my puter that drives part of my current the midst of all the other pending projects of a higher priority and time issues.

IOW, when I get a round toit in hand... ;)

And then it's on YT, when I'd rather post to SoundCloud instead....

You tube has some truly exceptional recordings as well as some really crap ones. Be careful as some have been "mastered" with systems that don't go below 40hz and if you have subwoofers you can get some awful bass sounds.

Does anybody know the sound capabilities of YouTube compared with the music streaming services or even radio stations? What are the specs? MP3?