Sold a component and bought it back, am I nuts?

I sold my brand new naim 5si integrated about a month ago, by sold, I mean I traded it in. I was looking on website of company I traded it into, and noticed in used section. I inquired about it and was told it was indeed the Amp I had traded. They had to open box up to check it out before resale, despite it being new. Anyhow, they had it listed at a greatly reduced rice. Me, knowing it was my former amp, I scooped it back I a genius? Lol...


Yes,  genius !   Too bad that didn't happen every time we have sellers remorse .   I am guessing it was The Music Room....   people gripe about their pricing.   Sometimes they hit it out of the park, but sometimes they lose.   You won this time.   



I traded it for an accuphase. However, I really never wanted to rid myself of it. I have a need for it to drive another pair of speakers. I bought it back for almost $800 bucks less than what I traded it in for! To me a no Brainer.

@oddiofyl no, not music room, I'd rather not say...but yes, I feel I won! I could decide to resell it for much more as an open box, have not decided. I'll most likely keep it. It is a great amp. 

My guess was TMR because they lost like $750 on something I traded in.   Some things just don't bring the money that they are expected to.  Naim is good stuff, gotta wonder how they lost on that transaction.