Solid state amp recommendations for Maggies?

I am looking for another amp to drive my magnepan LRS, looking for a solid state amp to deliver more detail than my current tube amp, but don't want to give up (much) of the soundstage and depth.

I have a small listening room with a near field set up, so I don't need a ton of power for ear piercing volume. I listen mostly to acoustic rock, acoustic jazz and female vocalists.  I want more the guitar on Keith don't go and hotel canifornia intro from hell freezes over to  to sound... better...

at the risk of sounding stupid, I am driving these $650 speakers with many thousands of dollars of electronics.  The amp is a Primaluna HP (80wpc using 4 EL34s per channel), CJ ET7 preamp, PS Audio Direct stream DAC and a Naim digital source. All with MG audio silver interconnects and speaker wire. Even the interconnects cost more than the LRS.  

I am very happy with my current set up, but would like to grab another amp to a change of pace.

My budget is $5-8K, used or new.  My room is such that mono blocks set up well, but that is not necessary. 





Sanders Magtech

Pass Labs XA60.5 (smaller room)

Pass Labs XA100.5

Anthem Amp2SE (if you could find one)


Also, Magnepan never made a 3.4 model.  I was a Magnepan dealer for many, many years.  

In another forum Jim Smith wrote:
2 - "Having worked at Magnepan, I still have some friends there. I know for a fact that some folks at Magnepan think that this X series - including the 260.8 & 350.8 - may be the best sounding amps that they have heard with their speakers. Of course, ymmv - but I doubt it."

I have had 3.7s and now 20.7s, I moved from Pass X350.5 on the 3.7s to Bryston 7BSST2 and was very happy.  Now have Bryston 28BSST2 and am very happy with them on the 20.7s.  The newer Pass models might be even better, but you can buy used Bryston and still have a much longer warranty than Pass

I use my Thresholds on my Maggie .7's at different times with great success.  Models are SA/3, SA/4e, S500 II and S350e.  Smaller room.

I used a Parasound Halo integrated with 1.7i and it sounded fantastic have since moved to 3.7i using a Pass 250.8 which is a great combo. I sure most Pass or Parasound amps will get you there.