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Dallas (Fort Worth) Audiophile Club - we meet every month or every other month
Invite your DFW friends to join our marketplace on fb.  North Texas Oklahoma High End Marketplace.  Buy and Sell and Talk about Gear and deal somewhat local, and ditch fedex and ups...  
Quboz/Aurender Issue
Walter, The issue came up in the last 36 hours and affects all players prior to the ACS. Aurender is working through a solution and will probably push an update out in a day or two.  This has happened before......  
Solid state amp recommendations for Maggies?
I have had 3.7s and now 20.7s, I moved from Pass X350.5 on the 3.7s to Bryston 7BSST2 and was very happy.  Now have Bryston 28BSST2 and am very happy with them on the 20.7s.  The newer Pass models might be even better, but you can buy used Bryston... 
Quboz/Aurender Issue
There is an issue that has come up in the last 24 hours where almost no song on Qobuz will play.  They are working on a solution.....also, to the guy that dropped Aurender for Bryston.....I had a Bryston BDP3.....the Aurender obliterates Bryston i... 
What happened to
"You never know when it will turn into a sale" Isn't a SALE......and if enough of them don't turn into a sale, then you go out of business...great job window shopper LOL 
Vandersteen's new affordable mono blocks at the CES 18
I have always been a fan of Vandersteen speakers, but I do find it bizarre that you need to liquid cool a pair of 60,000.00 solid state amps that are only putting out 300 watts.  Bryston and Pass can produce triple this without any liquid cooling ... 
Broken hearted...magnepan and vandersteen
at risk of exposing my Bose post as a troll attempt, I'm in Oklahoma....I have some videos on youtube:Here is latest setup..... one is from when I had the Studio 2s 
Broken hearted...magnepan and vandersteen
I've owned Revel Studio 2's and the Quatros wipe the floor with them....IMO 
Broken hearted...magnepan and vandersteen
You should stick to the proven high quality classics....Find the very best pair of Bose 901s you can get your hands onand be happy for the rest of your life!They will obliterate both Maggie and Vandersteen! 
Basic integrated amp for $700-$900
Find a used or demo Rogue Sphinx 
New DAC or New Streamer or New Streamer/DAC
I have had limited experience with Lumin, but extensive experience with Auralic.  I wouldn't ever buy one unless you like rebooting the unit every couple of days when it mysteriously disconnects from your network.....For me, I would never purchase... 
Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)
Magnepan 20.7 for large roomMagnepan 3.7i for medium roomYou can try to do better from the standpoint of overall realism, but you'll fail.... 
What headphone amp to use with Sennheiser HD800?
I have had Burson Soloist w/ the warmer of the 2 dacs offered.I found it a bit bright w/ LCD-XUsed the McIntosh MHA100, and it was great, but more expensivethan I felt was a great value, so I sold it and broke even.I now use the Bryston BHA1 with ... 
Please help me chose a tube preamp
You can do better than Aesthetix.  My limited experience was a friend who had three Aesthetix preamps over about a year.  He had strange issues with each and every one of them.......channels dropping out, eating tubes quickly, noise, leds going ou... 
Sanders 10e
LOL"Quite satisfactory for casual listening or even for home theater use!!!!"You just made my point