Solid state amp to replace my Audio Research Ref 150 amp

I have owned an Audio Research Ref. 150 for 4 years, but with tube changes and the heat, I'd like to find a solid state amp that would mate well with my Baby Nola speakers, as well as be 100% reliable and have the great sound my AR amp has given me. The AR amp was originally recommended by the Nola designer, Carl Marschiotta. 

My listening tastes primarily range in jazz, classical, roots music, and Americana such as Jason Isbell. I do like to rock the house occasionally, but I greatly value the finesse I get from the AR 150, as well as the solid bass and dimensionally my amp provides in my system.

I don't want to replace my Audio Research preamp and phono preamp, so I am wishing for a solid state power amp that will fulfill my amplifier hopes, work with my other AR pieces an continue to provide me the pleasure my Audio Research amp has given me.

 I would like to pay less than $8k on AudiogoN.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

I'm also thinking of getting an alternatives,  the Reference 75 SE amplifier from AResearch.

Anyone familiar with how that amp sounds?

I was told that watt for watt, the Ref 75 SE is the best sounding ARC amp in the line up. Obviously if you need more power, then you have no choice but to move up the line.
I have a Ref 75 SE and it's the best amp I've never had in my system. It has beaten a Pass X250.5 and Classe stereo amp in direct shootout. It shoots way above its 75W. Initially I was not sure that would be enough but in my room (14X18X7) it can reach ear piercing levels and the needle barely moves.

Sweet highs, mids to die for and excellent bass for its size. Much better and deeper bass than many ss I've tried although to be fair, I know some mono-blocks would provide that little extra some people are looking for.  I use a JL F113 sub to complement it and I'm not needing more bass.
Ref 75se makes a ton of sense here.

For SS, Dart and Ayre would work very well. Dart is out of budget unless you swap to the integrated.