Value of Unrestored Audio Research Tube Components

I have the following vintage Audio Research components:  SP2C Stereo Control (Pre-Amp),  Dual 50F (Revision 1B) Amp, and Dual 75 Amp.  (I also have a Audio Research PC-1  Passive Crossover that I used to biamp with these components.).  I used the components lightly for several months and then put them in storage (dry, heated closet).  Recently decided to sell the lot.  I've looked up their values in the BlueBook here on the site.  Are the values shown there reasonable amounts to ask for them?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

The Audiogon Bluebook is a record of sold prices, however sales of rare, seldom sold equipment, may not give you current worth.

Audio equipment is only worth what someone is willing to pay.

There is good demand for old Audio Research pieces IMO. 
Thanks michaela.  I've seen the ads on ebay (and elsewhere).  But does the equipment actually sell for those prices, or are these people living in a fantasy world? It's that question that started me wondering what MY components are REALLY worth.