Solid State Low powered Amplifiers

My quest is to find a SS low powered amplifier to use in the Summer months, in place of Tube and Class A amplification … I have Klipsch Cornwall 4s and limited AC in my hot TN listening room for 4-5 months. I know it will be hard to match the sound I get from tube and Class A …on a solid-state amp and I am wondering if I’m looking in the right place for a “10 W per channel” solid-state amplifier which I don’t even know if they make. The Cornwall speakers are 102 DB sensitivity.

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So many great amps listed here, makes me want to get a set of super efficient speakers just to try one. But what about the offerings from Fleawatt? Many threads out there about how great they work with Klipsch speakers.  Well designed and affordable chip based amps with a very special output stage:


I have the same issue with heat in my office/listening room in the summer.
HVAC person said I need to get a duct fan installed.
I have:
Schiit Gjallarhorn; use when I'm working, desktop setup. Very little heat.
AVA SET120; summer amp in main system. Very little heat
First Watt M2; hot, almost can't touch heat sinks
Home built tube amps; hot, can't touch

The Sugden A21 would work well. It's solid state Class A but being low powered, it's not dissipating a massive amount of heat.