Soliloquy 6.3 spikes

I am searching for spikes for my newly acquired 6.3's, 5-year Anniversary Edition.  Does anybody have a lead on where I might find some?
I read a discussion on this site from 3 years ago where member "upsideofdown76" mentioned that he had all of the parts associated with the Soliloquy lineup.  Are you out there upsideofdown76?
Any information about where I might be able to find these spikes would be appreciated.
Hello Kevin,

Well, you could "pm" "upsodeofdown76", and ask him offline.

Short of that, you could look for some threaded Audio Points, Mod Squad Tip Toes, or some other speaker spikes (Parts Express?).

It would certainly help if you knew the thread size that you were looking for.
Enjoy your new speakers!!

Good luck,
Thread size is 5/16x24 which nobody makes...that is why I'm trying to find a set of the originals.  It appears everybody who makes spikes makes them in 1/4x20, or 5/16x18.  The size I need is apparently extremely rare.

Thanks for the input.  I tried to find a way to PM but couldn't figure it out.  Let me dive in and get that done.

Thanks again,
From the top toolbar on the home page:
1) Click on "Explore"
2) On the right, click on "Member Lookup".
3) Enter "upsideofdown76" , then click search.
4) Click of "upsideofdown76"
5) Click on "Send Message"

The rest should be self explanatory. Good luck.

Thanks John.  Sent him PM last night.  Doesn't look to be a very active member though.
My search goes on.
I owned a pair of  Soliloquy 6.3i's a few years back.
Good bang for the buck speakers! 
Did your pair not come with spikes?

No, mine had no spikes when I bought them. I know spikes can make a huge difference.  I used to own Coincidence Speaker Technology Total Eclipse that really transformed after I added the outriggers with spikes.  Hoping spikes can do the same for the Soliloquys.
Looks like you couldn't find any spikes, and decided to sell them, huh?
Good luck with your sale.
Ha.  Yeah, kinda.  I'm eying a pair of Dunlavys nearby so I thought I'd try to move these to make room for them.  I told myself I wouldn't get back on this merry-go-round years ago....but......ugh!
Hahaha....yeah, I've told myself many times that I'm "off" the nervosa bites deep though. ;^)

Good luck!
If you still want spikes for your Soliloquys, try this DIY trick.  Go to your favorite hardware store and buy Grade 8 bolts of the same thread.  Have a friend who has a grinding wheel cut off bolt head and sharpen to a point.  To harden tip, heat red hot and then cool immediately in water.  PS, always practice safety and wear gloves and eyewear.  You can do this with all-thread stock also.
The later Solilquy speaker cabinets were made in China are you sure it's not a metric thread  M8 by 1.25?

Best of luck 

5/16x24 was the only bolt that fit from the hardware store from several that I tried.  The only sizes I can find aftermarket are 1/4x20, or 5/16x18. I was just hoping to find the originals before jerry rigging something.