Some Evidence of USB Cable Sound

Passion for Sound - due credit for the Effort.
Inverted signal comparison:
The most expensive Cable is not the default preferred choice.
Please do check out the video some good info.
There are very good reasons that USB cables will sound different, one from another. This video seem to demonstrate that clearly. I don’t think, though, that the reasons were fully explained here. The main reason is that the signal going through the wires is an analog signal trying, imperfectly, to make square waves. Another reason may be how the 5V wire is treated within (or outside) of the signal wires. In my own system, that never mattered, as my DAC provides its own power so no 5V signal goes through at all. Towards the end of the video it is just a subjective review of the several cables having little to do with the computer demo.

FWIW my own experience going through a few cables is that a Supra was better than a generic. A Monoprice Monolith (solid core copper, thinly silver plated) outperformed the Supra providing more detail and a more analog sound.. An Audioquest Pearl (solid core copper) was preferred to the Monolith providing more focus and a much expanded sound stage, though losing a bit of sparkle. A Solid core silver (without a 5v wire) made up for me at very modest cost by a Hong Kong ebay seller is best of all, for me. The word "organic" comes to mind. The lesson I draw from my own experience is that solid core is the way to go in USB cable. But YMMV. I usually evaluate my digital system by comparing to a reasonably good analog one playing classical music through speakers.