Some interesting stats from Discogs

Seems the state of analog and vinyl in particular are growing with a vengeance. Fascinating.

" Computers have no substance really " ,, but your using it right now and connecting with like minded people. That has so much value added.

Ya, I'm tire of the "computer" life too but, my world is now surrounded by it so, I embrace it. Now if only I could figure out how to get out of this chair.
Well I personally love it all. Vinyl is my favorite for the sound and the media but CDs and especially SACDs sound great also in the right set up. And CDs can be had dirt cheap as many are selling them off to go to streaming for 25 to 50 cents for a great title. So they are bargains. I have over 1 TB of lossless music on my computer that I have created from my CDs and other sources. Kind of nice just to put the computer on shuffle when you feel like it. And steaming I do the least but is great for discovering new artists. And I still have a large cassette collection and a Nak for the rough analogue sound for flashback evenings. I did give away all my 8 tracks. But I have been eyeing up some nice reel to reel units lately. So I definitely support diversity of sources as I feed my addiction. 
We r spoiled here in developed countries.... most of the world doesn’t have streaming services at all, even countries with good working internet.... of course physical media will be in use and the reason is not it’s better somehow.  
Physical media, lp’s and cd’s are better than streaming any day of the week. You at least own the music, it is all yours forever. Plus, imo, it plain sounds better. Please show me the tubey magic contained in a stream! I’ve listened, its NOT there! Nothing can compare to an all analog lp from yesteryear recorded on tube equipment, its all there, a feast for the ears. I almost forgot cassettes! They can and do sound terrific on the right machine. Play mine on my vintage and mint Aiwa AD F-770 micro-grain dual capstan 3 head cassette deck. A futuristic deck made in 1983....heaven. I even still have and use a mint kenwood minidisc recorder! Lots of fun! Oh, and we must not forget the 5 analog tuners still in use, remember those? Sound fantastic!
Funny how folks just argue for the medium they are most comfortable with. They all can sound great when optimized. Just enjoy your music in the manner that you are most comfortable with. I happen to stream because today’s streaming gear and technology makes the experience far from computer like. Much real innovation is being poured into this technology right now and the sound quality can be just wonderful. No doubt. Every month innovation is helping to deliver great sound with streaming.

In the end I stopped spinning CDs because I am enjoying all the new music I would have missed if not for streaming. Such a Joy!