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Am I crazy? Definitely!
No mapman, I will do the proper research and listening. Thanks for your useless post.  
Am I crazy? Definitely!
Hi All, thanks for all feedback. I can definitely in sell my speakers as I have standing offers from friends. Would bring in close to 5K. So would mainly cover the Moabs or Cornwalls. What are your thoughts on the first gen Heresy’s? Probably shou... 
Am I crazy? Definitely!
Hi my room is 12x18 x 9 high. Acoustically treated. Moabs or Cornwallis would do the trick I’m sure, just not sure I can get rid of these speakers I love that seem to have great synergy in the system. Thanks for feedback.  
A tale of two turntables
Thanks for the great feedback. Sounds like either would be an improvement but the Rega May me keep satisfied longer. Never tried MC But I do have a nice phono preamp that would work. And I will check out the guillotine effect to see how much that ... 
Some interesting stats from Discogs
Well I personally love it all. Vinyl is my favorite for the sound and the media but CDs and especially SACDs sound great also in the right set up. And CDs can be had dirt cheap as many are selling them off to go to streaming for 25 to 50 cents for... 
McIntosh MA5200 hum
Thanks. It’s definitely the amp. I’ve taken it around the house and even to my neighbors. I’ve gotten used to the hum now. If anything else goes wrong I will ship it for service to get everything addressed. Thx.  
Bookshelf speakers for small room
Totem Model ones need a lot of power in my experience. I love my signatures but they sounded like crap until I got to 150 watts. Then boom they were perfect.  
Are your current amps and other gear the best you've ever had?
Yes although I’m on the low end of scale relative to most of the people here  I have the best components ever. MA 5200 which works well. PCD with acrylic platter, power box and ortofon  blue. Denon 3910 disc player which I kept over an oppo 103. T... 
Advice on CD transport
You may want to consider a Denon 2910 or 3910. These sold for about 1k and 2K in Canada. Can be had for about 200 and 500 respectively. Great value. Both are great with SACDs. 3910 is worth the extra and does better with red books. If you can find... 
Why is it so good?
Thanks All, very good comments. I think I have figured out that they are all different more than better or worse. At least to me. And some songs and recordings may be perceived as better on one format over another. That’s my story and I’m sticking... 
Do You Care About AESTHETICS? What Are Your Gear/Listening Room Preferences?...
I agree with sound first but if two of the same system component yielded same sound I would pay more for the better looking unit.i have a kind of frankensystem which I tell myself is together based on sound. But after disliking McIntosh look for s... 
Universal disc player recommendation
thanks guys, good considerations.  
Universal disc player recommendation
Thanks, oppo seems the way to go. Thanks for the model recommendation. Will try to find one and try it out.  
New TT or upgrade cartridge/platter on Project DC
Hi I have project debut and upgraded the platter to acrylic and the cart to blue Orto. Small improvement with platter, big improvement with the cart. Also using the Mc MA5200. But I would have to say that it is only a matter of time before the dis... 
Why is it so good?
Because I grew up with vinyl. Because I love collecting it. Because I love the art. Because I love the sound.