some one tell me.........

I have two cd players, an old rotel 975 that I only use once In a while, due to it being on its last legs.  I have it plugged into my aux/ph section of my cj pv12, I also have an new oppo udp 203 that I play in the cd section of the preamp.  I just happen to play the rotel last night to hear what glorious sounds like for a change.  I quickly notice that I had to turn the volume down quite a bit.  I play the oppo at about  2 oclock and the rotel at about 11 oclock.  is this normal, such a big difference in sound/volume.  am I not doing something right on the oppo, it does the same thing when I'm playing movies.  last does anyone know of a cd player that sounds like the old rotel, I was told not to go over the 1072-1075 I think line.  and whats up with oppo shutting down...........
Is the Oppo stock, or modified? Some of the modified units have lower output than stock.

Also, I think the Oppo has variable volume control. Insure that you have the volume on the Oppo turned up to max.

Analog output levels can vary on different CD players.  This is normal.  The digital output amplitude should not vary.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

Is the CJ a "PV12" or "PV12L"? If it is a PV12, that input has an extra gain stage and is for phono only. The PV12L has the AUX input. If yours is the PV12, then use a different input.

reubent is correct, The Oppo does have a variable volume out, which is default. Turn to max or set to fixed in the menu. Also, make sure downmix is set to stereo in the menu.

Sorry, no ideas on the Oppo shutting down.

I don’t think the analog output is very high on Oppo stuff. My 205 when set to full has significantly less output than my EAR set at about 2/3 full volume. I don’t think it matters. And if it is shutting down, it sounds like you might have some type of short in your wiring that is triggering a protection circuit.  I would disconnect and reconnect your cables, making sure everything is where is should be and that the connections aren't loose or faulty.  
As said before, switch to fixed volume output and compare then. If it does not help, switch back to variable output and match it with Rotel.

Have you tried switching amplifier inputs? Maybe there is some discrepancy between them and not CD players.
sorry guys, meant oppo is ending production
ruebent: no factory stock, will look for tht volume opt
steve n: thanks for the input
tis49: pv12L, an again will go thru menu again to go over selections
chayro: thanks, sorry for the confusion, meant the comp was shutting down production
glupson: will do what the others suggested, if that don't work will try to switch outputs.
thanks to all for your help and suggestions......