Something better than Marantz PM7000N at around $1000?

I've been looking for an integrated amp that supports wireless/bluetooth connection.
Marantz PM7000N is the only one I came across.
Anybody knows a better option at around $1000? 50~100 Watts would be adequate.
Going for a separate bluetooth receiver like Audioengine B1 would be a better option?

Thanks in advance for your opinion and advice.
I’d say that right now it’s unique at the price point for the feature set (amp + wireless + streamer + dac + bluetooth), so if you need all those, then the answer is no, there is nothing better for the price.

What do you mean by asking if the B1 could be better? You’d only use that to add bluetooth to an amp that doesn’t have it. Most every mainstream (NAD, Cambridge, etc) integrated has BT nowadays.
Not sure about better as I haven't heard both but probably equally as good the Yamaha R-N803 is definitely worth having a look at.
Supposedly it's the same or almost the same almost the same amp section as the AS801 which is well regarded and it has tons of streaming options built in.

Nice receiver for sure.
Thanks for your reply.
I did not search enough to know that NAD or other brand int amps have BT built in. I was mainly searching for wireless and BT capability and I could not find similar amps as PM7000N. 
I guess my question was not clear enough. Considering just the sound quality, would B1 + int amp (near $1000) be at least as good as other int amps with a built in BT? 
Yes, I've seen many receivers with BT, but I pretty much ignored receivers because they then to be much lesser quality.

I've heard the PM6006 and I'd take the Yamaha R-N803 over the Marantz any day of the week.  Haven't heard the 7000N can't comment on it but I would expect the Yamaha to compare favourably.  

As mentioned the Yamaha is based on the AS801 integrated amp with streaming and airplay etc added in it's not a surround receiver it's a pure stereo product.

The Yamaha may not be popular in the US but I have read lots of positive comments from owners in the UK on other forums.  Sounded great to my ears anyhow.

7000n probably best thing for $1000, yes. I own one and it’s great.  One of the Brit mags declared it best under 1k
Considering just the sound quality, would B1 + int amp (near $1000) be at least as good as other int amps with a built in BT?
The maximum sound quality of Bluetooth is pretty much the lowest of all digital inputs. I think most BT receiving circuits and chips are generically implemented at the line-level, so the variable performance of BT (e.g. B1+amp x vs BT-capable amp y) is likely to be trivial when saying which amp you prefer overall. That’ll come down to power supply, the transformer, component quality, gain stages design, compatibility with your speakers. Home demo + your ears are the best way to decide which amp is best for you.

Thanks for the info.
Looks like I can go for either Marantz PM7000N or Yamaha R-N803.
Hey OP, what did you end up going with by chance?  Were you able to do a comparison?  I’m currently stuck between these two choices myself.
With further research, I’ve decided to stay with what I have:
Use Denon HT receiver for computer audio, and use Bluetooth connection for streaming.
My listening is still 90+ % from CD and LP, and I am slowly listening more from wireless and digital file. I’ll wait another year or so for WiFi/Bluetooh/USB receiver. I'll probably go for WiFi/Bluetooh/USB preamp.
If I were to choose, I would have gone for Yamaha because it has more power and cheaper.