Songs for intense listening

Hello to all of you,
I would like to know your favourite tracks not only for pure pleasure but also for system evaluation.
Those of your most familiar songs that helps you to recognize that the essence is full & the feeling is right.
My most valuable but pleasant test songs are :
Group(A)-Most nessessary:
1). Joni Mitchell- Troubled Child/Court & Spark
2). Julie Cruise- Falling?The World Spins
3). Cat Stevens- Hard Hearted Woman/Wild World
4). CSN&Y- Carry On
Group(B)-Just to confirm:
5). Marrianne Faithful- Crazy Love
6). Non Credo- Tell Me
7). Elton John- Goodbye Yellow Brickroad
8). This Mortal Coil- You & Your Sister
Group(C)-Final check:
9). Dead Can Dance- The Unbiquitous Mr Lovegrove
10). Jimi Hendrix- Freedom/Easy Rider/Hey Joe
11). Nigel Kennedy- Autumn Regrets
12). Camel- Nimrodel/The procession/The White Rider
13). Genesis- Firth Of Fifth
14). Lou Reed- Goodnight Ladies
Thank you very much for your patience
I'm sorry for all those plain & popular "top of the pops" list, but I like to be honest to all of you: THIS IS WHAT I LIKE!
These are not my favourite songs, but for evaluation are the most pleasant for my taste.
I'm looking forward for yours

Geoch: If I may, neither conclusive nor comprehensive but in the genre and for consideration in the "most necessary" category:

Also from "Court & Spark": "Car On A Hill". First track, side two. Sibilance. Alignment.

"Incident at Neshabur": Santanas' "Abraxas". Sustained guitar note 1 1/2 minutes in, last track, side one. IGD is immediately evident. Alignment.

Susanne Vegas' "Solitude Standing", title "Inbound/Fancy Poultry". A DMM pressing, Vegas' initial consonants concident with a strong bass note and a strike of the kick pedal can launch a stylus from the groove. VTF probably needs attention.
A few favorite evaluation (and listening!) LPs:

Beethoven Middle Quartets, Quartet Italiano, Philips

Respighi: Ancient Airs and Dances, Karajan, DGG

Vivaldi: Concerti for Violin, Grumiaux, Dresden State Orchestra, Negri, Philips

Reger: Sonatas for Unaccompanied Violin, Op. 91, Bress, Dover

Britten, Suites for Solo Cello, Rostropovich, London