Sonic differences Rogue Cronus vs. Cronus Magnum?

I have decided to slow down and smell the roses....well not really, but in putting together a 2nd system I have considered many things...and my reaading and thinking has brought up the possibility of the Cronus.

Does anyone have experience with the difference in the two versions? Sorry to say the speakers are not yet set in stome....However I listen mainly to classic "cool" era Jazz and female vocals...Ella, Sarah, Diana, Julia Fordham...etc.

Thanks for any input...
Our tastes in music are quite similar .... "cool" jazz and female vocals. My Cronus is magnificent. I swapped out the stock Svetlana EL-34's for a matched quad of Genelex Gold Lion KT-77's, and the music sounds absolutely wonderful. The "regular" Cronus drives my Vandersteens beautifully (see my system), and I have no reason for the extra power of the Magnum. What speakers are you currently enjoying ?
why not get the answer directly from Mark at Rogue, he's transparent about his amps
Second what Facten says. Email Mark. He will lead you in the right direction.

*****Dealer disclaimer***** I am a Rogue dealer.