Sonic Frontiers P3/T3 opinions needed..

Sorry but yet another Sonic Frontiers thread. I heard this combo awhile back but was too unfamiliar with the rest of the system that I couldn't draw any conclusions but it didn't sound bad for sure..I now see them selling very cheap (atleast when compared to new prices) and stereophile seemed to like them alot so I may give them a try. I've read of reliability issues with s/f but alteast they are located within driving distance to me. Any opinions on this pairing is greatly appreciated.
Hi Jman Like you I have had questions about Sonicfrontiers/Anthem gear. However I took the plunge and now have the dac(sfd1 mk2),the pre2L, and just got the amp1 which is still burning in. So far I am impressed with the good sonics of the trio. Later I will try different tubes to fine tune the rig. I will let you know as time goes on. Best of luck!
The P3-T3 is really best combo available out there in my opinion and best way to judge is to see what competition does: Wadia are scrambling and upgrading their units to keep up, and so seems Levinson. Problem with SF is 2-fold: audiophiles found out that their units sound better with NOS tubes, so they started offering that upgrade for $600 or so themselves, and I think they overpriced them when they first came out hence they had to eventually dump them to dealers at $5k per combo. Bottom line, they could have priced them more realistically at $7k for combo or so to start out with, and sold a whole lot more and a whole lot faster. But sonically, they are still in my view best combo with the I2s-Bus connection.
Hi Jman, I currently have the T3/P3 combo and absolutely love it. It does everything right and I've never heard a better digital front end. That said, I am also waiting for the arrival of a Wadia 270/27ix/150 combo. It is not that I am dissatisfied with the the SF stuff, I just like to hear what various equipment sounds like in my set-up. I'm curious as to whether getting rid of the preamp (BAT VK-5i) will make any improvements. I'll repost once I've done some long term listening. However, given that I'll be paying a $3.5k premium over the SF stuff on the used market, the bar is set pretty high for the Wadia. I suspect, I'll end up keeping my wonderful SF front end.