Sonos mod by Wyred4Sound or Empirical Synchromesh

I'm considering upgrading my source. I'm using a Apple Airport Express into Sim Audio Moon 100 D dac. I'd appreciate recommendations on whether to switch to a modified Sonos from Wyred4Sound or the Synchromesh from Empirical Audio. I'm using a Prima Luna Dialogue 3 preamp that is warm and transparent, Prima Luna ProLogue 5 amp and JM Labs Daline 3.1 speakers which has unforgiving tweeters. Thanks so much for any advice.
Get the Syncromesh - Steve Nugent says its 90-95% of his Off-Ramp. I doubt the internal mod would be any better and it can be used on other devices.

Or do both. I have enjoyed the Cullen (now Wyred) Modification for a while now. I just added the Syncromesh, replacing a Monarchy 48/96 DIP Upsampler. Immediate improvement, right out of the box.
What differences did you see b/w monarchy and syncromesh?

I just grabbed a monarchy to pair with my sonos and peachtree dac-it. 1st time I actually heard "depth" in my system, plus tightened up my bass response and removed jitter.

Now kind of want more, but hard to justify bigger price tag.
I just bought the DIP/Up, really opened up my digital system/dac. Finally heard depth out of my system with nice tight bass. Curious on the big difference b/w the DIP and Syncromesh. As I know want more.