Sonus faber Amatis vs guarneries anybody opinions?

I can add a sub if needed. I want midrange liquidity and for the speaker to disappear and don't know if a floor stander can compete.

Any input appreciated!
I have listened to both and the sound quality of the mids and highs are indeed very similar. The Amati Futuras still image extremely well, so that's not really an issue. IF you have a good enough sub AND IF you can set it up properly to integrate well with the Guarneri Evolutions then they can perform on par with the Amatis. If not, then the Amatis are superior and worth the additional expense. That's my opinion, for what it's worth. In this price class I think that you need to listen to both yourself to decide, and not depend on other people's opinions (even mine!) ;~) Good luck and good listening!
"I want midrange liquidity and for the speaker to disappear and don't know if a floor stander can compete."

Keep in mind that the speakers are only half the equation. Even if a speaker has the ability to do this, it won't unless the electronics are capable as well.
you have to determine how much LOW bass you really want or need. If you have a decent collection of PIPE ORGAN music you would have to (generally speaking) get a floor standing speaker. If not, then the monitors would probably be enough speaker to keep you happy for a long time to come.
I have a pair of SF Guarneri Homage speakers and they IMO produce quite a lot of bass themselves (the consensus is that they don't but YMMV). The G. Evos produce even more SPL's and more bass.
save a bunch of money and check out Von Schweikert speakers. tons of bass, mids and highs, with level controls on the back, and some of the best engineering around. or EgglestonWorks (Andra III's).
however there is little out there more aesthetically pleasing than Sonus Fabers set up in your living room. Unless of course you have a dedicated sound room that looks like a recording studio, in which case you can get a more industrial style of speaker.
Agree with french fries. The GH's do produce bass down to about 45hz., the GE's will go down to about 40Hz. In order to get a fuller sound in the bottom end, you will need a subwoofer with any of the G's. As to the Amati's, I don't think they image as well, nor do they disappear as well into the soundfield, but they are more full range than the G's. I suspect in order to really produce 'scale' then none of the SF's can do that as well as some of the very large speakers in a very large room. Thinking of the Wilson XLF's and the big Magicos etc.,here.
Don't be fooled by the specifications of the Guarneri Memento. They need a lot of power for the bottom end to show what they can, but when driven properly their bass is just fantastic. As a matter of fact, enjoyed their bass more then many a floostander! Pure authority and quality. Can make them seem to go a lot deeper than they do.

I see them combined a lot with amplification that doesn't even come close to getting this done.
Good input. Thank you very much everyone.

I was able to hear some Guarneri Evolutions with the addition of a REL G2 subwoofer in a real nice demonstration. The REL didn't just add bass. The image actually went deeper. It was quite eye-opening.

I can also see that the Guarneri need more power than the Amatis. I have a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium pre and the High Power amplifier and the bass is incredibly good. I'm confident it's up to the task. The power for the Gunarneris would be OK for my needs at this time but I may be moving to a bigger room. I can monobloc the amp and buy another one if needed. There is a guy that has an HP running KT150 tubes and says it's the best he's ever heard ever, so could do that too.

I have NOT been able to do a side by side between the two speakers. And will most likely not be able to. I travel and it hasn't been found yet.

Barto I agree with you. The bass of the Guarneri is fabulous. Maybe I should just do those first and add subs later if needed.

I will say this: I want to own a system that I will take pride in later and I love the way that these speakers are made. Quality of workmanship is paramount. I can touch the cabinets and feel like I'm shaking hands with the man that shaped the cabinet.