Sonus Faber Auditor M - Your Thoughts

Last week, I had a chance to listen to a pair of Sonus Faber Auditor M bookshelf speakers. These were connected to a Simaudio integrated amp and sourced by a Linn Akurate DS.

I was truely impressed with their sound and they seemed to go so deep that I found myself looking around for a subwoofer. Maybe it was the room / set-up?

Has anyone auditioned these speakers? If so, what are your thoughts?
I see questions like this show up from time to time...and while you say that you were impressed with the sound, why do you look for another opinion ?

If a member is to chime in and say that they didnt like them, does that change your opinion of the speakers ??

I own a pair of Sonus Faber Auditor M's and I use them in my secondary system. Sources are a Basis Signature 2500/ Dynavector IV/ Lyra Titan 1, Mac server and Wavelength Cosecant Version 1 USB DAC, & Jolida JD-100A. Accuphase P-3000 amp and Shindo Auriege pre-amp. Auditorium 23 interconnects.

Like you, I found the bass response to be far better than I expected from the specs. This was true for the auditioning and for using them in my primary and secondary systems. And this involved/involves rooms with highly variable dimensions and numerous other quality sources and amp/pre-amp brands and types (tube, SS, hybrid, even integrated).

I love their sound, which I perceive to be somewhat on the warm side of neutral, but for me, still very musical.

One thing I noticed during the multiple auditions and subsequently in my two systems is the fact that these speakers really start to shine when they are provided with considerably more power than the minimum power suggested by the specs.

Out of curiosity, what other speakers are you considering against the Auditor M's? I chose them over Vandersteen Wood Quattros and DeVore Silverbacks, but it was not an easy choice. I found the Silverbacks to be a little too polite. The Quattros image better than any speaker I have heard, but I found the Auditor M's to be more musical. Of the three, the Auditor M's were the ones that I found to be the most musically involving/satisfying. Their far better than expected bass response was the other factor that allowed me to choose them over the Silverbacks and the Quattros.
Very nice speaker. I almost bought them until I heard the Dynaudio C1's. No comparison in my opinion. For me the auditor m were a little too laid back in the mids and once I heard the esotar2 tweeter and the added 'speed' of the sound that the C1's had to offer that was all it took for me to make up my mind to get the C1's.

That being said I will admit the bass was a hair better on the auditors. With either speaker I would have needed a sub too. Yes I have a Rel B3. And yes either speaker does sound much better when exceeding the rated minimum-nominal power.

The auditor m's were my second choice especially at its price point in my personal opinion.
I have the Auditor M as well and chose them over the DeVore Nines, Harbeth Super HL-5 and Dynaudio C1s. All are fabulous speakers and a lot will come down to personal taste. I felt that the Auditor Ms imaged the best of these speakers. The Harbeth sounded great but lacked a little bit of body. The Nines were the toughest choice for me and they ran a close second. The C1s sounded a tad dark for my taste and were somewhat different from the Special 25 which remains my favorite Dynaudio speaker.