Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor + Concertinos - Amps?

I am finally upgrading my system after almost 20yrs of stagnation...want to use primarily for 2 channel but home theater will be in the picture too. I listen to a wide range of music from chill and techno to country to hard rock to classical. So far I have decided to go with the SF Cremona Auditors for the front pair and I think either used SF signums or SF concertinos for the rear, the SF solo for center..not sure on the sub woofer and what to use to drive it all. I kinda don't want to get too caught up in it again. Did that 20yrs ago and spent way to much. I was thinking a decent Rotel or NAD receiver with some nice cables. Will upgrade the CD/DVD later. Any other receiver/amp/preamp recommendations in the $900-$1500 price range? I have looked through a number of similar threads and it seems like most are saying solid state, fast and not bright. Any recommendations appreciated.
I use Sonus Faber Electa Amator II's with Concertino's as the surrounds and a SF Solo center channel. I use an Audio Research amp to drive the front stereo pair with an Audio Research preamp on processor bypass. The rest is driven by a used Onkyo 989. When I remove the AR preamp and amp it actually sounds better for home theater purposes. I tried my system with a Denon 3803 and it was way too soft on the top. The 989 fits very well and has the muscle to drive it all.

Rotel and NAD are nice, but I would take a look at Onkyo.

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Thanx for the information. I have not looked a many of the Japanese products due to prior experiences hack in the 80s but everyone changes. I will go forward with a more open mind and check out the Onkyo. Thanx again!
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take a listen to Arcam gears, are pretty good and not extremely expensive, the AVR 200 is an AV integr amp 5ch,but you add other power amp from the same brand.I found them better sounding than the Japanese product, and my customers are happy of the sound and by the fact they are user friendly.
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