Sonus Faber Extremas ?

For owners or anyone who's heard them, what are some good choices for amplification?

Thanks all
a Krell ksa-250 was what i used at the time i had the Extremas and it gave them proper power and the chance to show they're musicality too...
you can find this amp from time to time on the 'Gon for a reasonable price
good luck!
still one of the the finest monitors ever made...lots of clean ss power...any hi end brand.
I drive my Extremas with the Gryphon Antileon Signature and they just sound incredible. I have also heard them with Pass Labs XA 160 and CJ Premier 8A and they also sound great as well. I think any high quality high current amp should be able to do the job.
The Extremas need lots of power.
I wouldn't use a tube amp on them.
You need a powerful solid state amp or mono blocks.
My friend is using 2 Meridian 557 amps bridged on the Extremas.
The Amps bridged are like 800 watts.
We first heard this combo at the Stereophile show in 1996.
The system sounded unbelievable.
I heard these "amazing" speakers in a set up running 100 wpc tubes.Forgot the mfgr.,though!
My point is that these speakers amazed me with their huge stage presentation,and dynamics.Very fine timbres,which are critical,to me!
One very important point,though.The owner had added the wonderful Townshend Super Tweeters to these speakers.The difference was simply AMAZING.Much better air and detailing.To me,a MUST with these great designs,which take on a new dimension with the add on tweeters.BTW,this makes sense,as the stock tweeters roll off at about 17khz.
The Townnshends simply start just above that point,and the integration was superb,yielding some of the best highs I've experienced.
Just my two cents.