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Selling on Audiogon
I have not read all three pages of answers so forgive me if these opinions have already been offered here...1. Audiogon has grown increasingly into a “subsection” retail operation of it’;s own!...2. Most people who look at Audiogon also consider p... 
Should people who can't solder, build or test their speakers be considered audiophiles?
Sorry...but this is one of the silliest threads i have read in 18 yrs. on the Gon!I own a Porsche and i know everything there is to know about my vehicle but i don’t own thousands of dollars worth of high tech equipment needed to “work on it” beca... 
which is more musical? A REL or a SUMIKO subwoofer for two channel only?
update...Went with two G2's from REL to go with my Tidal Akira's and after the "fine tuning" process I am in ABSOLUTE heaven!"...:-) 
BoenickeAudio's "unique" wood speaker driver?
Thanks all but WHY?Is it simply a "tone control" issue or are there other benefits to using them?I do not think someone like Sven would risk using it just to save a few dollars as he seems relentlessly inventive! 
Vimberg Speakers
Do NOT let ANYONE tell you that the Vimberg's are "90% of the Tidal speakers at 50% of the cost!That is inherently NOT the case... 
which is more musical? A REL or a SUMIKO subwoofer for two channel only?
Lak,You did not tell me why you feel this way? 
MORE Esoteric problems
I too own a K-01x and had it professionally serviced with excellent communication from TAP Electronics!Just saying...for my "second den " system I chose a Rega Isis s.s. because they are repaired here, stored not one but TWO sled mechanisms in the... 
drag me into the digital age!!
To be totally transparent...I am 66 so the term “ kids” is relative:-)That said, I have been the champion of analog in my home even through the day stages in audio...what I know of digital fits into a thimble !unfortunately, the two Kitsune pieces... 
Dallas (Fort Worth) Audiophile Club - we meet every month or every other month
Would anybody care to help an old analog lover set-up his gifts of digital?Kids got me this stuff( head-amp,dac, digital to digital converter, Auralic streamer )so I would slow down on the cd's and lp's...(not gonna happen this life!)Would appreci... 
What are these worth, and what can I sell them for?
not to be glib but...the answer is the same to both questions...What someone is willing to pay! 
Eric Clapton on J.J. Cale
ensemble musicians, sharing the spotlight, making ORIGINAL music???There's no going back after Little Feat! 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Siegel-Schwall band,Dead can dance, little feat live and jean luc ponty! 
How do you store and catalog your vinyl?
I have two five tier glass front cabinets...my collection of lp's is around 500 after years of "thinning the herd"!...:-)I sort alphabetically but also have them broken down by types of music ( rock, jazz, blues etc...) 
Holo Audio Kitsune level 3 Dac...Help!!
I'm redfaced Jond!...:-)Thanks so much! 
Holo Audio Kitsune level 3 Dac...Help!!
amg56 and falconquest,Tried to find a "support" link on the site but there is only something called a "support ticket' which has no information at all so i am back to square one :-)If either of you own one or both of these products perhaps you wou...