Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage vs Extrema

Looking to complete a second room for 2 channel system only. The room is 14' by 16' with 9' ceiling. Probably will not use a sub, but will remain an open issue. Music is primarily jazz, female vocals and small classical pieces. Any opines and/or experiences always appreciated.

Thank you, Dave.
DaveyF, your right the Skaaning on the Guarneri's is a custom made Skaaning driver.
I was looking at a pic of the Skaaning midbase driver they sell on Madisound.
It looks totally different then the Skaaning midbase driver on the Guarneri's.
I found a really good post by Alex on using a sub or subs with the Guarneri's.
Here's the link.
Guraneri's do get the mid's so right, and that covers 90% of your enjoyment(like the Zanden digital combo) that driving them with tubes or good s-state in a room size of your specification-vocal female jazz, small chamber/classical music(it sounds as if I started the thread).Go for it!
Up to $8,000. for the pair.

Some have suggested the Gamut L3 or the Wilson CubII's Any additional thoughts???

As the room is quite small, and you listen to small music ensembles, you can easily live with the Guarneri.
As to additional thoughts on other spkrs...
Possibly the small Verity audio whatever they're called.

IMO though, the SFs are more enjoyable than the products you mention. I assume you have an amp to drive them? Both use up quite a lot of energy -- the Extrema being by far the most difficult of the two (and also the better spkr in a larger room).