Sonus Faber Guarneri with SET amplifier -possible?

is there any chance to drive new Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento with SET amplifier?

I think about something like Jadis SE300B.
It is 10 W per channel amplifier with two parallel 300B triodes at the output and oversized transformers.
It sound much more powerful than claimed 10 Watts.

I don’t like to listen very loud, don’t like to much of deep bass and have 2200 cu ft room (20’ x 15’).

The amp itself sound fabulous and I would like to get SF the best midrange possible.

Any ideas?
I would give it a try but not count on a satisfying result. At least if you know what those speakers can do.
Kevin at Upscale Audio (see the A'gon Guild) features SF and Cary. He'd be a good resource.

Both are great gears. I recalled listening to Guarneri with low output transister amp. I didn't hear the midrange-to-die-for like when it's being driven with more powerful amps. You can try to supercharge it with Musical fidelity KW550. Again, listen first and decide, if you like it then no need to spend more. I'm just not sure it'd work.
Hi. I owned the Guarneri for several years. IMHO you will get beautiful timbre with an SET with a large power supply, but transient speed and bass will be slow. If you want to give it a go, you will need an SET with a big power supply.

I found good results with a pair of Berning zh-270 monoblocs and a pair of Art Audio Quartets. I feel those have the minimum power for the Guarneri. You may want to consider a push pull design with zero or very low feedback. Some members feel the Guarneri really needs a good solid state amp with more than 200 watts to obtain fast transients. I generally don't lean toward the solid state sound, but I wanted to share their perspective. A compromise may be something like a kt90 100+ watt push pull amp with lots of current.

In summary, I think a good SET will sound beautiful, but slow. A powerful solid state will sound fast, but lose some of the harmonic beauty of that speaker. So, I'd look for a 100+ watt push pull with low or no feedback and a big power supply. Good luck. Jeff