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How important is an audio rack?
"One store owner/salesman stated the audio rack should be considered the most important component, even with a very modest system!" What a bunch of bs. Walk away.If it holds your stuff securely and does not ring like a bell its fine. If you want t... 
Are High End Audio Products Unreliable?
Yes. I've experienced defects or failures with Art Audio, CAT, Tom Evans, Joule Electra, EAR, Kharma (minor) and PS Audio, and Sonus Faber (minor).I've had excellent reliability with Conrad Johnson, David Berning, Air Tight, Technics (sp-10), Audi... 
Any good HiFi Audio Repair shops in S.F. Bay Area?
Scott Frankland, San Jose.Highly recommended. 
Phono Preamp-Nothing you like so Build your own?
Take a look at the K and K kits. I've built two and have been very pleased. 
Uni-Protractor Set tonearm alignment
Somebody has to ask. Given this debate, why are linear tracking tonearms not more popular? Is the cartridge not parallel to the groove across the whole lp?I use a Graham Phantom.Just asking. 
How can anyone afford this ?
IMHO you are falling into the audio buying pattern that the audio industry wants you to fall in. Bigger power, more flash, new technology, shiny finishes, more drivers, bigger caginets, etc.. The industry, including the audio magazines, want you t... 
Quad 2805 v. Quad 57
Robert, thanks as I had not found that Quad group. Jeff 
Quad 2805 v. Quad 57
108db, wow. I listen at about 75 to 85db at about 8' from the speaker. 
Mono cartridge for Graham Phantom?
Has anybody compared the Miyajima BE to the Music Man Maker mono cartridge? They are at fairly similar retail prices.Any NOS mono cartridges that come to mind that would be a good match for the Phantom?I've got a denon 103r and I've enjoyed it ver... 
Quad 2805 v. Quad 57
Great responses. Thank you.Msomers88: For me, I would not want to go back to an amp that uses feedback. It sounds like the high end roll off is perhaps an impedance matching issue that I need to consider.Asa: Yes, I've got the GE211 tubes in the A... 
Thought on OTL tube amps
Every amp I've owned, including Joule and David Berning, sounded best with less, not more, negative feedback dialed in no matter what speaker I paired them with."In our approach (i.e. control theory, which I believe unique in this industry), we ar... 
Music you HATE the most but once you LOVED it
Seals & CroftI'll second Cat Stevens and Alan Parsons.On the other hand, I've grown more fond of KC and the Sunshine Band, Nina Simone and Funkadelic (Maggot Brain). Ha!Jeff 
K&K phono break-in period
I found two break-in periods. An initial one at about 25 to 50 hours and another over say 100 to 200 hours. I really enjoy mine. Jeff 
Graham Phantom , simple tweak for improved sound
Hi Frank,I saw this and your post about the arm wand. I've got a Phantom II and have neither problem. You may want to consider emailing Bob Graham a digital photo or two and ask him whether your tonearm needs servicing. Best of luck, Jeff 
Any body has listened to TW Acustic Raven 0.5?
0.5Is it half a turntable? :-)