Sonus Faber Olympica III or Vienna Acoustics Lists

......I am looking at both of these speakers and wanted a little feedback from the members here. They would be driven by an Esoteric A-03 amp - 50 watts of Class A power. Music is from the Allman Brothers to Frank Zappa to Neil Young to Muddy Waters to Eva Cassidy get the picture. Let me know ...thanks
While this thread is a bit stale, I thought I’d chime in as I’m now in the market for speakers in another system.  Specifically, I am now trying to decide between the SF Olympica IIIs and the new SF Serafino which is clearly better but more $s.  I have listened to the 800 series of B&W many times and in many different locations - and found them accurate, but not very exciting.   I could live with them, but there are better choices for me.  I have also listened to the Kef reference line many times and like them very much - again very accurate (and better to my ears than the B&W) and quite dynamic.  However, for music, the SF I’m looking at are just more satisfying than all the others I’ve listened to.

In my auditions, I’ve concluded something all of you know already.  Auditioning a speaker at a dealer is a very mixed bag.  Case in point - I listened to the Olympica IIs (slightly smaller than the IIIs) in a room that did them no favors - they were overly warm and a bit muddied in the mid bass - a reaction shared by one of the posters above.  

I am amazed at how many demo rooms are severely compromised with HVAC noises, phase irregularities (cancellelations or summations), etc. I don’t think bad demo rooms are necessarily the fault of the dealer - as each speaker is different, though I do think they’d help themselves with a bit more room treatment.

In any case,  I think it’s fair to assume that most speaker brands are not going to put out crap and that while there are clearly differences in “house sound”, when we react really negatively to a product, it may be the room (or perhaps, source or electronics) that is the factor.  Bottom line - I’m glad I listened the Olympica IIIs in a different setting - different room, different electronics, different source.  And, the difference was all very good.  
I think I’m probably settled on the SF - though if I had the dough, I’d strongly consider Rockports.  Certainly they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but I also stand by my comments that some dealer demos can be quite misleading.  In comparison w/ other brands over time in different settings, the SF were exciting, plenty detailed, but are very easy on my ears - I particularly dislike any harshness in the upper regions.  This is an area where the SF excels. I’d also say that the aesthetics of SF is just way beyond any other brand I’ve seen.  They are stunning to look at. While that’s not most important, it’s also not unimportant.  

To be fair, while I’ve heard the Liszts, I haven’t as extensively as SF, B&W and Kef’s already referenced.  But, yes, I’d take them over the Liszts.  My $.02.
Interesting that those are three of the same speakers that I listened to at different hi end shops in the summer of 2019. All of them have appeal and certain strengths, but the Olympica III and the B&W left me wanting more, just didn't feel the magic, maybe it was the electronics. The KEF ref 5 seemed to hit the sweet spot for me at a little higher price point. The Liszt I never got to audition as no local dealer carried them which was frustrating. The speaker I bought after a year of searching and listening was the Devore Gibbon X as it hit all the parameters in one swoop that I was looking for. Personally I don't think that you can go wrong with any of them, some are more suited to tubes others to solid state and everybody has their own distinct things they are looking for in a speaker. I am just glad I found one that thrill the life out of me and I hope to keep it for many a moon.
Win, win. SF has much better distribution so probably better support. Listening preference? Personally, I think peter gannaster hears exactly how I do. VA makes speakers I can’t pull myself away from.