Sonus Faber "Home" - what's this?

Hi, I notice that some Sonus Faber speakers now come with the word "Home" as part of their name. Is this new? Has there been some across the board change in their less expensive speaker line that justifies adding the name "Home" to all of these models? Grand Piano II became Grand Piano Home, for example. What's going on?

A possibly related question: Have any of you tried using the Concerto or Concertini (sp?) speakers for home theatre? How well does this work?

Thank you.
Sonus Faber changed the name from Grand Piano Concert to Grand Piano Home just over a year ago. Supposedly the difference is better extension at the frequency extremes. Although I believe they sacrificed some of the midrange warmth while doing this. I can't answer your related question.
The Home series is an update to the older models and are basically new models that are definitely different than the originals. You should email Sumiko, the importer, and they can tell you the exact differences but the cabinets as well as drive units were changed on most of the models. Wally