Sonus Faber Sonetto V’s Thoughts Requested

Hello. While I’ve never posted, I’ve been a very regular lurker here for the last couple of years. The wealth of knowledge here is truly remarkable and much of it is over my head. I really respect the opinion of @Soix , @ghdprentice , and @erik_squires as well as others not named. I also appreciate how they generally go about their posts and replies, while a few others can get petty and combative, which is unfortunate and unhelpful. Overall, it seems like a good bunch that genuinely loves their hobby and likes to help others, which is great. I know, nobody asked, but I thought some of you who have been here a while might find the thoughts of a first time poster, who has been reading this informative forum for a while, somewhat interesting. 

I definitely do not consider myself an audiophile, but I have always greatly appreciated good sound. I currently have an older model Arcam AVR-450, which is rated at 125 per channel in stereo mode, driving a pair of KEF Q750’s. I also have a KEF R2C center and a Revel B110 sub. I’m happy with the sound but have become a bit smitten with the Sonus Faber Sonetto V’s and I’m thinking that they will be a somewhat affordable upgrade in sound, and I find them very visually appealing, which I know shouldn’t matter, so call me shallow. I have not heard the Sonettos, but have heard the Amati’s, which of course is a large step up. I’m ridiculously rural, so finding a dealer for a demo is not much of an option. I do prefer a somewhat warmer sound as opposed to a brighter one. I’m not a bass junky believing that bass should enhance not overwhelm. Bass should be heard of course, but for me, there is more in the mids and highs than the lows that makes for good music to my ears. I generally listen to classic rock like Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Elton John, Winwood, Heart, Doobies, Clapton, etc.

My questions to the group are: 1. Would the Sonetto’s V’s be a noticeable upgrade over my Q750’s in SQ? 2. Is my Arcam “good enough” to drive the Sonetto V’s satisfactorily, as an upgrade to the Arcam is not an option for me anytime soon? 3. Please feel free to answer any questions you think I should have asked. Like I said, I’m not an audiophile…

I thank you in advance for your posts! Hey, how about those cable threads and whatever happen to Kenjit?  😉



@dbeckwith It is great to ask others for their impressions, however, it would be best if you can listen to the Sonetto’s as well as many other speakers as you can. Music often appeals to people on an emotional level such that when you hear the ’right’ speaker you will know it is the one for you. I have owned SF bookshelf’s and often listen to the Olympics floor standers at a friends. I have not listened to the Sonettos. Wonderful sound yet I think it depends on they type of music you listen to and your personal preference. These may or may not be the best match and it is hard to know until you listen to them with the type of music you like and compare that listening to other speakers with the type of music you like.  Also consider buying used.  There are some great deals out there that will would put in an entirely different class of speaker.  

Thanks for all of the overnight responses. When I get some time later today I will respond in more detail. Thx again. More are welcome, as well.


@ghdprentice - I reread your post earlier this morning with fresher eyes. It is I who misread part of your post. Sorry for the confusion on my part.


More later.



I hate to pivot the thread like this but I think it will get you where you really want to land.  When making a move to upgrade, make a significant move up, not just an incremental one.  The incremental moves often lead to disappointment.  I would continue to save and then go to the second hand market hunting for SF Olympica Novas.  They have a very similar sound to the Amati's that you like but are much less expensive and are usually available used.  I'm just not sure that the Sonetta's will get you where you want to be.  Good luck and cheers. 

I saw no reason to add anything since I had zero at home experience with expensive speakers. However, I had the Lumina for a weekend and it was not good. This is a very educational thread about Sonus Faber. When I built my list I found that SF is good value and not overpriced as I previously thought