Sony HAP-Z1ES HDD audio player. FAULTY ?????? a new owner

just received a used  sony HAP-Z1ES HDD audio player, when it is powered on the relay is loud, then the internal power transformer makes a hum noise , I'm not used to hearing a hum from home audio gear is that normal,  my other audio gear is , modwright , pass labs , krell, thanks all for your time and input
I’ve had one for 3+ years, no hum issues at all (using RCAs, not balanced). Solid and reliable so far. Possible that’s why it was sold? Do you you have any recourse with the seller?
Long time owner. Should be silent. There is a fan in there but it's quiet. 

Try a 2 prong plug not 3 (w/no ground). 
The internal power transformer should most definitely NOT be making any audible noise.
I would not even waste time opening it up to look at the transformer if you have an option to return, eBay, Audiogon ,dealer etc.
If a private sale then you should have powered it up before purchase?
Lot of happy satisfied owners here and this is not normal.

If you have no option to return, open up the case and check the transformer mounting, loose screws , connections etc( obviously while powered off!).

Good luck but not sounding good tbh
I own two of the Sony HAPZ1ES and both are dead quiet. One sits on the rack right next to me and I can’t hear any noises coming from the unit at all.  If you bought it used, I would send it back as it isn’t right. 
I have talked with the seller and he told the unit was silent , so I'm shipping to united radio for repair and the seller has opted to pay for the repair, instead of me returning which is great and why I like dealing on Audiogon , I had bad issue with Reverb and it was not easy to make a return , looking forward to loading our cd's and placing the sony in our rack 
thanks to all for your input 
update, sony is being repaired at united radio, just waiting on parts, I would like to send thanks to the Audiogon member, who sold the sony, he fully backed his sale up, another happy buyer on audiogon
thanks to all
I have a new unit, received from CA, and I have the hum too. I can't hear it 20ft away as the other member mentioned but it's most definitively there and very irritating considering the price of the unit.
Thankfully I bought it on ebay and it will need to go back. I just hope they have another unit to ship to me.
I have quite a few Sony GS and ES components and all are perfect, some have been going for years and years without a hitch.