Sony HAP-Z1ES Hi-Res Music Player RMAF 2013

Did anyone get a chance to hear this digital player. Seems similar to the Bryston BDP-2. I am very interested in how the upsampled DSD sounded.
Mr Bill - because I have helped a LOT of people find solutions and audio nirvana. Just read all of the threads. My products are top-tier and they don't cost an arm and a leg because I don't advertise, I don't sell through dealers and I don't have a marketing staff. I'm just one passionate audiophile.

I even recommend other companies products. Find another manufacturer that does that. Good luck.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
You do have your point there but maybe Mr Bill is just concerned that if you get to do what you are doing, what would happen to this forum if a lot of other dealers or manufacturers start doing the same thing?
For me, I do learn a lot from your informative posts and technical knowledge. I just hope others don't start doing the same thing without much technical knowledge but just plain marketing.
What do the others think?
Vendor participation in forums strikes me as a topic for discussion in a different thread. Why not start one?
I do appreciate Steve's help and knowledge displayed in his post and the threads, that is a service and we should be thankful, but the continuing promotion of his products in the posts is not appropriate I feel. People get all up in arms when other dealers or manufacturers start promoting in other forums. Fair?

Just to separate this, I do have very high regard for Steve and his business and the advice he offers the audiogoners. He builds business this way for his company and his reputation which is and great.

I'm out,
I took a chance and opened my unit, removed the hard drive from it's cage and cloned it to an ssd.

Glad to report that the operation was a total success!

With regard to classification, I simply put the composer's name in the "Artist" section and the performers name in the "Album Artist" section