In famous Interviews of Musicians

Hello good fellows,
Does anyone have good Interviews to share, where the artist/s are being shall we say 'entertaining'?
I will start this off with Clive Anderson (British chat show host) when he Interviewed Liverpool's finest, no not the Beatles, but the one and only (thank goodness) the Bee gees.
Gene Simmons interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air.

Here's the audio download:

Here's the transcript:

One of the MOST outrageous ever!
Johnny Rotten and Keith Levine of Public Image being interviewed on the Tom Synder late nignt tv show in the late 70's. Outrageous! Classic! Available on dvd.
6:30 into the clip is Paul Macartny being interviewed by Chris Farley (SNL). Too bad it's not the whole skit ("uh, do you remember uh when you were uh with the uh Beatles?").

Billy Idol on the David Letterman show is a sign of the times (mid 80's).

Could not find a link but Jimi Hendrix played ("Hey Joe", I think) and interviewed on The Tonight Show -w- Johnny Carson.

Liked seeing Tom Waits (head hanging a few inches above the coffee table ashtray) when he was on the Dinah Shore show.