Sony SCD-1 mod

I just purchased one of these units.Is this unit worth modding or am I better of just getting a different unit?Who does the best mod for this unit?
the scd-1 is a wonderfull base from which to start or is very good left stock. One of the best places to have it modded are audiomod; for information see link below.


I also endorse Richard Kern to Mod the Sonys-One great advantage is you do not have to send the 60lb Gorilla to him--he will instruct you how to remove the Boards he requires and how to reinstall upon return.

It's an easy peasy job to do-- I'm an idiot and I did it!

The Black Gates alone are worth the effort for sonic improvement--be quick though they are no longer made.

Highly Recommended,

as one who has had both the audiomod and vse mods done to his scd-1 i can tell you that the vse mod is the superior mod...imo.depending on which coast you live go to the vse..vacuum state electronics ..web site and contact won't be transforms a great player into a superb one.
Thanks for the input guys.It is very much appreciated.I am still waiting for the unit to arrive.I also purchased a Moon Eclipse so I will be able to do an A/B before and after the mod with the Eclipse.Then I will be keeping the one I like the most.
If Modwright continues to do mods, consider them. I had my Sony modified about 1 1/2 years ago. It has worked flawlessly and the sonic improvement is astounding. The mod included the addition of tubes, which entails cover plate alterations.
Like Calloway, I have both the VSE and the Kern mods in my SCD-1 and IMHO the VSE is superior.
Calloway,RLF and Woodburger have a point as I have researched modding my SCD-1. I have noticed that the Kern mods tend to be more R&R structured where VSE is more of an improvement to the circuit topology. I am having the SC3 and SC power supply installed next week by reference audio mods east (Douglas Jesse) and he has also recommended mods to the overall circuit topology which appears similar to me on the surface to the VSE mods and are more appealing to me than simply R&Ring what is already there.

To All:

Had Doug install the SC3/SCPS along with the transport mod and I am extremely pleased with the results; it is simply a much better player. He has recommended mods to the output stage and power supply stages; I am already planning on doing those over the summer. I believe his mod to the output stage is similar in topology to the VSE mod; but not sure.