SONY SCD-XA5400ES vs all Accuphase models

For all Accuphase CD/SACD users,I have to say something:
I ask on diferent audiophil forums a questions regarding a comparations on diferent models from Accuphase,(DP-65V-who I ovned now and a upper model DP75V,DP67,DP77,78....)...and I recive an answer with a advice who sad this:
"The is only $1500 and is better-sounding than any player Accuphase has ever made".
This was justify so:
"The units you are talking about are old technology; they are way overpriced for their performance".
Please who have compare (or can give an really opinion),please tell me if is posibil to be so,or not,(I don't have the posibility to make this comparation with the new SACD from Sony).
I can say I love my sound from my Accuphase and I imagine a litle better things in sound on another upper models on some direction on sound,but is hard to me to belive what say in his advice this man.(I am sure he give with good intention this advice,but I must ask also another opinion from another people).
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I remember years ago taking a Sony 707ES cd player in to a shop that was displaying the new Rotel $1400 CD player that had gotten an absolute rave from stereophile. The clerk told me I shouldn't even bother, the Sony would blow it so far out of the water it was ridiculous. He did set it up fo rme and he was right. TO get comparable sound from new units that he sold, we had to move up to a $5000 EAD player. I kept the Sony.
Unfortunately, I have no experience with Sony vs Accuphase.
I spent October 2009 listening to 5400 versus Simaudio Eclipse and Andromeda. I prefered Sim products to 5400. Yes, 5400 has nice midrange, smooth, silky, and ravishes the ear. Sim products had liveliness, complete tonal range (esp Andromeda), dynamics.

When it comes to tonal balance it does not compete to above Sim products. Sorry I cannot comment on Accuphase. But I would think that Accuphase is superior to Sony, but that is a conjecture. All above in my opinion of course.
Many thanks for your answers Billeames,Honest1 and Elisabeth.Your post is very usefool not only for me,(I think/hope so),also for another audiophils from here.
Please who have direct contact with this Sony,please post your opinion here!
I would say the original statement you received is fairly accurate.
Digital converters and class D amps are about the only evolving technologies. Everything else is just being fine tuned.
Have a 5400 and am quite pleased.
Anything with the new Sabre chips should be checked out.
I have not heard the big buck Accuphase CD players, but I have compared the 5400 to many multi-thousand dollar CD players and it sounds preferable to all the others.

The Sony 5400 takes at least six weeks to "bloom" and break in!
Thanks Magnumpi205 and Don c55.All of you put me very serious to think better and how soon is posibil to buy a Sony 5400.I promise when I have one,I write here a real comparation on my Accuphase and the Sony player.
Well I haven`t heard the Sony SACD-5400 but I`ve heard the Sony XA50ES, XA555ES and the SACD-777ES and they all sound ok but compared to the Accuphase DP-67, they all sound IMHO DIGITAL ! The DP-65 was a fine cd player and one of the best at it`s time, and the DP-67 is even better! If money were no option I would prefer the Accuphase DP-65 or DP-67 every time ! I`ve had a DP-65 myself and now I own the DP-67, which can also be used as a stand alone DAC, which is a nice feature !
I have the model DP-65V,and the people who have the 2 model one with V and one without V,said lyke is very big diference in this 2 models, the V models said is much more musical and some peoples sai lyke he is in some directions better lyke upper models lyke DP-75V and DP-67.I don't know if is so or not(I don't have the posibility to hear only my model and I am very happy with them),....but I here so much good things about the new sacd from Sony,things who made me to buy a sony to convinceded me personal of the true.(or more exactly the true in my mind).
I have had the 5400 for 2 weeks, I have owned Marantz SA11-S1, S2, NAD M5 most recently. The Sony in my opinion beats all of them, it is more honest in it's representation, the NAD is the closest to the sound of the Sony but the Sony beats in detail and low end responce. The Marantz are great players if you have brighter components since they do add a liile warmth. I have never listened to Accuphace but I bet the Sony would be a step up.