SONY WEGA and component video .........

Recently bought a Sony Wega 32" KV-32FS16. Hooked it to my Sony DVD player by way of the component video connections but am getting a slight fuzzing around objects and pixilation in high detail scenes. when i switch to a super video connection it is less noticable but i loose the rich colors and fine detailed picture. Service center says picture through this component connection is as good as it gets but makes it very vulnerable to video noise. I read some people have had similar problems with HDTV stuff and progressive scan dvd. This is just regular component video using three 2 meter lengths of monster video 2 cables. I know..they are not the best of the best but still.. Sony dvd is the DVP-S530D model. Any suggestions please do tell. thanks.
Sounds like your connections are OK. Try getting into the DVD player's menu and cranking DOWN the sharpness control and setting the Velocity Scan Modulation control to OFF on the 32FS16. You may be over cooking the 1's & 0's a bit (no pun intended). By the way, nice TV and even before you finish reading this, go out and get the Video Essentials" DVD to dial in your DVD player and Sony. Then you will REALLY see how well they can perform. Good luck
Tim: This does sound like a noise problem. Try out some AC power conditioning, upgrade AC cords, vibration control treatments, perhaps even a dedicated AC line to clear up those fuzzies.
Was able to turn down/off the velocity scan on the tv but the dvd player I can't figure out how to adjust that. I'll get the video essentials as soon as i have some $. I have the tv and the dvd connected to a Panamax 6 surge/rf suppressor. I still get the video "noise". Need more suggestions.
Forgot to say that I can't upgrade ac power cords as they are fixed to the circuit boards on the tv and dvd.
One other change you might consider: get better component video cables. The Monster 2's are OK, but I'd recommend the component video cables made by I have their component video cable, and it's about the size of a small garden hose. Excellent construction and shielding, without a lot of bells and whistles. I use their cable between my Sony WEGA TV and Pioneer DV-37, and the video quality is excellent.
get the avia DVD and calibrate your sharpness and color levels. ALWAYS choose component video when you can.turn off all video enhancements on your TV. Sony TVs tend to over push reds to make people look tan.
Tim...You can't adjust the sharpness level from the DVD player, that is one of the step-up features on the DVPS560 (its called the Digital Video Enhancer & the Video Equalizer) least I'm pretty sure--to find out, hit the "display" button on the dvd remote & you'll get a menu down the side of the TV. Hit the display button again, and the last two choices at the bottom are video EQ & DVE( if the player has them). Assuming you don't have that feature package on the dvd, go to the TV & adjust the "picture mode". It's possible you have it set to "sports" mode which dramatically cranks the contrast, color & brightness to a level which is unnatural and quite overcooked. Instead, set it to "standard" or even "movie (cinema?)" mode--which makes it alot easier on the eyes, and may smooth out those rough edges. Last but not least, if you've tried all else, simply tone down the sharpness a bit, and the contrast settings, and that should ease your troubles to a certain extent. Actually, there IS one more thing...dump the Panamax in favor of a "Monster Power" center by Monster Cable. Take it from an insider (my company has sold both), it blows away the Panamax, especially when it comes to line conditioning. The panamax is a fair surge protector, but not much else..whereas the monster does a MUCH better job smoothing out the inconsistent flow of voltage coming thru your A/C, and can significantly reduce video noise. The line conditioning feature starts at the $79 model, but the higher end models do a better job. BY THE WAY, EVERYONE...IT'S "VEGA" NOT WEGA!!! (the inadvertent "W" in the name is created on the packaging by putting an offset shadow behind the V...but sure enough, it IS Vega!!!). Cheers...
Anyone else but me have a problem with the geometry on the W(v)ega sets. Keep wanting to like them, cause of detail and almost 3d effect, even in SDTV, but they always look concave. Even after watching a while, I can't shake it. Never seen one outside of a store, but thats how they all look to me. Not trying to trash anyone's TV; I still havent gotten my Loewe to look right on cable (but a good sat or DVD is incredible). Just my .02.
After much messing around with tv and dvd..and almost a month of being "frozen" by my (my thorn in the side) internet service provider....
Finally I can write something. Guess what? My tv came down with a bad regulator according to a repair tech! What this means is that the picture was starting to bow in at the right/sometimes left side causing geometry problems with letterbox dvds and wierd color variances on the right hand side edge of the picture. Also it was "breathing" not able to fully push the picture to the sides of the screen thus leaving gaps between picture and the mat around the screen. Black scenes showed this ugly problem all too well. I went to my local electronics store and exchanged it for a same model new one. (It took a month to get an exact replacement). While I was there I saw a store demo (same model) suffering from an advanced case of this. I'm hesitant to blame my power outlet because not much is plugged in in that room with tv.
My new tv is holing out but it too shows signs at the sides of picture small gaps and the right corner at top is not always getting all the signal it needs to show all the picture. Is anyone in this same boat?
I hope all the Sony "V"egas (thanks) out there don't wind up duds.
Anyone know if those power conditioners/voltage correctors/reserve storage things would work?
I hate to think I wasted so much money and may need to spend more to maybe fix this. Maybe the whole factory run of these are defective? I'm not sure but I know I'm more than my 30 days as far as the return policy. I did manage some sense...bought a 4 year extended warranty!
Timmy, I work extensively on sony products on a daily basis and am a factory trained CET. You set is not a progressive scan unit, so if your DVD is progressive, we have a compatability problem. The regulator problem sounds very familiar, Hmmm? While attending a Sony seminar, we were faced with the geometry problem that the Vega tubes often suffer, the best we got was acceptable at best to the average consumer, certainly not to someone who knows whats going on. The units often exhibit smearing on the sides due the beam becoming elliptical at that point of the geometry. I feel that this probably going to be Sony's downfall ( as do some at Sony). I agree that the units look concave as Swampwalker states, I noticed thia anomoly after the addition of the new yoke and quadropole magnet assembly. I think that the new focus assembly overcompensates in the corners and as a result the rest of the screen looks out of focus in relation to the corners, giving the illusion of concavity. To get to the HDTV problems that are arrising. Most complaints that I get is that the pix has a fuzzy characteristic to it, kind of like a soft focus (i.e moonlighting with Sybil Shepard). This is the result of the up conversion that takes place in the video processing of the unit. You are asking a 480i signal to look like 480p or more. This requires the horizontil scanning frequency to be doubled from 15.735hz. trust me these are not line doublers that compare to let's say Faroudja that cost $10,000.00 plus. I saw the same faults with the RCA proscan line around 8 years ago when Proscan meant progressive scan in the RCA lingo. The problem isn't solved yet. For now I'm sticking with my Sony Kv32xbr96s
that I bought about 6 years ago, it dosen't have the Y, PR< PB inputs but I'l suffer with my georgeous picture through the S input.
Hi there...thanks for confirming that the Sony Vegas do have a problem. Thought it was just me going crazy or something.
As for what I have connected..I am just using the component in on the sony tv with a regular component out from my sony dvd player. It is not a progressive player.
My tv seems fuzzy with off air tv programs...even when tuned in as clear as it gets...I guess it is just the differance between (dvd resolution I'm spoiled) on and regular tv signal max. resolution.
I did note that my new tv receives UHF channels
in strange numerical orders though. 15 is now ch 66. Oh well any other thoughts out there?
I have a friend who has given up on using DVD with her 36-inch Sony Wega.She does not like the letterbox format so VHS will be the mode for watching movies.
CORRECTION!!! (egad, I feel like an oaf...) For confirmation, I went to the US Patent & Trademark office website to find out once and for all if it's Wega or Vega. Drumroll please... it IS, in fact, Wega. I have NO idea why. My only guess is that Wega is Japanese for "easily confusing to foolish Americans". Cheers!
Hi Korgwave:

The issue with the letterbox vers.the full screen...I guess that it is a personal preferance. I like when i can see a bigger picture myself. The letterbox format allows viewing more of the picture as it was in the theater but leaves the top/bottom with black bands. It sorta downscales the whole movie theater screen size to fit it all left to right on our 4:3 tv size. This get accomplished but there is all the info there is for the picture top to bottom in the format so the blank spots are black. Full screen sometimes cuts the sides off the original screen size. Seems much like zooming in on the original theater screen size but only cartain spots of it leaving out what is going on at the left to right sides. Seems this is why the whole screen is filled. This is where you see the "this movie has been formatted to fit your tv screen" flash on the tv with vhs tapes.
When it gets down to the resolution matter....regular vhs for me (after viewing dvd for a good year) is so awful by comarison. So much grain and washed out look that it now distracts me too much to watch. I also have the same problem with watching "off air" tv programs -looks so fuzzy. I sigh relief when I pop a dvd in.
Some movies are in both full screen and letterbox
on the same disc. You just need to look at the menu and if it has it -select full screen (pan and scan). At least she (your friend) will have the joy back with some movies. Again some movies are only in the letterbox format. I have to squint sometimes to see everything. I would guess that the 36" screen your friend has might help when viewing the
letterbox type movie though.
I do have to far away from the tv is she sitting?
I think I read somewhere that you have to sit five times the screen height back from the tv to get the benifit of it without seeing scan lines. Maybe that could help?

Did I get that right? It is Wega not Vega? Okay we will say it is so then. I think the Sony people want us confused -that way we all wonder about it so much the Wega brand sticks in your we will all rush over to the Sony tvs and look at them first. Chances are we will buy one too. You hear it enough you will want one..that kind of thing. Thanks for the re-correction.
Have two Sony 36" Wega TVs, one XBR the other not. Both look great on component DVD and C-Band video. Have not seen any of the problems being reported here. Not likely AC power line will cause restricted blurring on selected parts of screen. Except for ground loop humm bars moving up the screen, AC power contamination on video is a high end myth.
Save your money. Had a friend who sold a special green felt pen ($20.00)to mark CDs to make them sound better. Sold a lot.
...I think there is some degree of help you can get out of a filter/regulator when used with a tv. When I have my attic antenna connected to my sony at the wall outlet I get small white dots on the picture when I view "off air" tv programs. When i have it all connected through my panamax line conditioner it is almost all eliminated. Something must be helping.
I for positive don't "know it all" and like to think i am learning from experiance and through others experiances and feedback.
I think maybe a $1000.00 power regulator/line filter or whatever we want to call it may be overkill....but good power supplies have helped to further audio components it seems.
.......just a little food for the grey matter to kick about-maybe.

The green pen....i always wondered why with that. Never bought one.
Here is a thought...why is the surface color of the recordable cd format appear blue?
.......I had a laser disc player for a while and when i had the cds play sometimes I'd turn on the tv to se what gets displayed....and guess what? A green picture would show up. Why was that?
I just thought of something....Maybe I could put ceramic discs under my tv rf cable (to keep it elevated off the floor) that then connects to my sony tv-aside from the claim of sonic/video improvements it might actually keep the mice from chewing on the video cable-who knows.