Sony XA9000es/Sony DVP-NS999ES

Hi -- I'm looking to buy a new/used/NOS CD/SACD player and have been looking at both of these units. The price differential is quite substantial -- around a thousand dollars for demos/used pieces.

For the record, I recently added a 555es CD changer to my second system and, just to state where I'm out, it is behaving very well indeed with over $15k of speakers and electronics; I have no real complaints at all.

Anyway, there are good buys out there on the two units I mention. I'm just wondering if there are any "real" -- significant -- differences between the two? The XA does seem to be utterly bomb-proof.

PS, I do not need video playback, so I would just ignore that in the cheaper unit.
You might want to consider a ModWright DVP-NS999ES. From all reports its a very fine player. There are several on-line reviews that you can read about the modded player. I have a ModWright DAC and Dan does do good work. There was a significant improvement in the DAC sound over stock.

Is the stock or modded 999ES better than the XA9000? I can't answer that. Personally I got the XA which is a very good player and it retains the the 5-year warranty in the unlikely event something needs repair.
If you are looking for sound quality only, the XA9000es would be a no brainer. The 999es is not really all that spiffy on either format(good but not that good.) It is excellent as a DVD player.
The Sony DVP9000es is a better sacd player (but doesn't do multichannel like the 999)than the 999.
The xa9000es is a good CD player and a excellent SACD player. The similiar but cheaper priced XA777es is an equivalent player to the xa9000es. I would save a few bucks and go with it.
An XA-777ES used here on Audiogon is hard to beat. I mainly use mine for Redbook with the occasional SACD and love it. I used to own a CARY CD-308. The XA-777ES beats it hands down for Redbook Playback. At least in my system anyway. Good Luck!

Those Wright brothers both do good upgrade work. A modded DVPs9000es by VSE is excellent. I think with the mods by either brother, you end up with a better sounding machine than the xa 9000es or the xa 777es. Of course, you can have the VSE mods placed in the xa9000es machine.
Thanks for the advice! I'll probably keep my eyes open, then, for an XA-777 or just throw down for a demo XA-9000 and have the comfort of the five year warranty. Not a bad thing, when you have moving parts -- I've had more than one CD player go south on me.

I've seen Modwright gear and it is nice. However, I'm just one of those people who won't buy modded players and what-not -- the loss of warranty, the plunge in resale, etc., aren't worth it to me. I can see doing it, though, if you know you're into it for the long-term.

Pricegrabber and other search engines will bring you a host of XA9000 new sellers under $2K. It's going to be my route.