Sophia 2 with Plinius?

I am currently looking for a new SS amplifier for my Sophia 2s. I have searched through the archives and found several good candidates -- Pass, Ayre, and Parasound seem to be common recommendations. I tried a Pass X250.5, but found it to be a bit to dark sounding for my taste. Other than that it was great.

Has anyone tried Plinius? The SB301 has recieved good reviews.

I'm looking for sweet none grainy highs, but with good (Krell or Bryston like) bass control.
CJ 350 worked very well when HIFICRITIC tested them. Close to 400 watts a channel.
Also recommend BAT. VK-250SE or VK-600SE depending on budget, desired listening level and room size.
I also recommend the BAT/Sophia combination. Budget permitting, I would go for the additional power.
I am running the Classe CA-5200 5 channel amp and couldn't be more happy. I started out with the CA-5100 and wanted a bit more grunt on some of the more demanding movies, like Master and Commander, etc. I am using an SSP-600 processor and my source player for CDs and DVDs is a CDP-502 which I upgraded to from a CDP-300. I wanted the 2-channel quality of the CDP-202 reference CD player which is what the CDP-502 is. It's a 300+202, which obviously explains their model number of the 502. I must admit that I was very happy with the CDP-300, but found a great deal on a brand new one. For Blu-ray I am running a Pioneer BDP-05FD, with the desire to move to the BDP-09FD one of these days. I am about 80-90% home theater, where I would assume you are concentrating on 2-channel. If you do not need any more than 2 channels then you might try a CA-2200 (Classe). There is one listed in the classifieds that has been there for a little while. I had a die hard Krell man to convert to Classe, but that's not to say it's for everybody.

Good luck with your search!
Thanks everyone for your recommendations! I will do my best to give them all a try depending on availability in the Dallas area. I will also give Pass another shot. It may have just been the amp I had.