SOTA Star/Electronic Flywheel?

I have the Star with the power supply/vacuum box connected to the small controller, then to the table. have an opportunity to pick up a used 'Electronic Flywheel'. My question: Where in the sequence does the flywheel connect? reason,for asking my vacuum/power supply box has been 'hard-wired'.
Your best bet would be contact Sota directly on this one. The owners actually answer the phone and they're very helpful.
I have the original paperwork from SOTA for this combo, I can scan it for you and email. The flywheel is a "must have" makes a tremendous difference.
I bought it, with the paperwork, thanks Roly. My Vac box has been hard wired and now I must find the plugs to reverse it. If I cant locally, then I will go to SOTA. Your replies appreciated guys....
I was sceptical about what it will add, good to hear a plug for it, will give my opinion once it's 'flying'....
BTW, it's great sounding table. Still lots of enthusiasts out there for it. My 20 year old table was a small fraction of the cost of a new one and still looks new.