Sota Time Domain Speakers....experinces...

After selling my Proac 3.5 last week, i put these speakers into my system until the replacements come in.

these came out in the early 90s, and are similar to the Wilson Watt Puppy in their design concept. They are often referred to as "poor man Wilson Watts". I was fortunate to find a pair of these locally for a good price to keep around as backups.

after putting them into my rig, I was pleasantly surprised! in some respects, they sound better than my Proacs. Very very detailed without being hard on the ears, very quick, rthymic. They are sounding better each time I hear them.

Anyone here ever own these or currently have them? Just wondering if they are having the same results. My plan is to replace the Proacs for a older pair of Wilson 3/2, wondering now how much better the 3/2s will be to these Sota's.
I am original owner of a Time Domain 4 System, since 1992 or so, but have done some mods.

1-I replaced the Kevlar Teewters 4 years ago for the newest Focal Generation Inverted ones.

2-I replaced the Bass Wofers as well for the newest Focal drivers.

3-Changed all internal wiring for Silver wiring.

The results are more amazing than the originals.


Guadalajara, Mexico
with their inverted tweeter, and kevlar driver, and bass units, they were briefly refered to by dealers and users....not as poor man's wilsons, but 'thinking man's' wilsons.........depending on what you are thinking about purchasing, you may want to quit while you're ahead. they don't entirely disappear imaging wise, but what they do is tonally nail every instrument you can think of, and, in their day, could embaras the above mentioned, as well as matrix 801's and lots of other dandy speakers.....if the oak cabs are nice, you got that many audiophiles don't get, lucky, and as honest to goodness classic at a bargain.