Sound before picture problem

The set-up:
Direct TV HD box with hdhi cable to tv and digital cable to processor.
When watching tv (audio and video) thru the hdmi to the tv the audio matches the picture. When watching video thru hdmi to tv but audio thru digital cable to Krell HTS 7.1 processor/amp/front speakers, the volume is fractions of a second ahead of the picture, as you can hear the words before the mouth opens type of effect that is VERY annoying. No idea how this is happening, so any help is appreciated.

It is processor speed differences between thye krell and the dtv box. The Hdmi is delivering both as a simultanious
signal both A and V. When using the digital out to the Krell it has a different speed which sounds a bit slower than the HDMI signal. You may tru setting up the TV as a second DTV input using component video and use it when using the krell as the processor. That may be enough to make the difference. Hope that makes sense, I know what I am thinking but not sure if it is what I typed..
A patch option may be to change room setup settings(page 37 manual)if your tv doesn't have the lip sync.I may have overlooked it in the Krell manual.On room settings for distance,write down all the present settings.Add 5 FT to all 9 settings.If it improves but still some delay,try another 5 FT to all of them until you get the right amount of delay.I don't know if this would bother anything else.You could always go back to the original settings you have written down.Just so they all end up being the same amount of feet.7 FT,20 FT etc.,for all 9 channels.This would be the last option I could think of.Somebody else may have better advice.Manual link>>[]
I should have mentioned,if you have a DVD or some other source plugged into the Krell,it will most likely cause the opposite problem.Picture first,then sound.
The picture has more info than sound,so that may be one of the reasons for the delay I think.The HDMI is supposed to solve this sync delay,but not a guarantee.That is what I think is happening if I'm saying it right.One thing for sure is the headache I get trying to make sense on Hi-Def.Hopefully,you find a solution if ours doesn't work.
I don't know anything about this company or product,but something like this may help too.I wouldn't try anything without a trial or return policy.LINK>>[]